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Everything Buyers Should Know About Condo Inspection

by Alan Carter 4 months ago in house

The common misconception about condo owners is they think investing in a professional home inspection

Everything Buyers Should Know About Condo Inspection
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The common misconception about condo owners is they think investing in a professional home inspection is unnecessary as the homeowners association will help you with issues. It sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? It is a complete myth. If you do not get your condo inspected, you are in great trouble after the purchase. Here are some things to look out for while handling a condo purchase.

Do You Need a Condo Inspection?

Yes. You should hire a home inspector before you decide to purchase. A great factor about having a condo is less maintenance. An HOA will handle any maintenance which is outside your unit but everything else comes down to individual users. Your internal systems, flooring, ceiling, and walls that are shared, all come down to your responsibility. Condo inspection in Ventura county can either be a full assessment or an internal assessment. A full assessment might not be required in general. Some condos come with attics and their HVAC systems which makes it critical to have a detailed inspection to prevent it from being a money pit later. Make sure that you are aware of what you are jumping into.

Interior only and Full assessments

After you find an experienced professional to inspect, you would be asked what type of inspection you prefer. An interior only inspection will only focus on your unit. It will focus on issues that you have to deal with on your own. When opting for a full assessment, some repairs or damages you will be able to run by the HOA. A full assessment will cover spaces and attics in your unit. Basements, garages, and common areas will also be inspected in this case. Sometimes even if the common areas won’t affect you, you might end up paying for some issues at a later time. You can choose for a full assessment if needed.

What to Look For In Condo Inspection?

1. Crack on walls in your unit

There are chances of water leakage in this case. This also needs to be checked. If possible, ask the inspector to find the reason for such issues.

2. Sloping floors or signs of water damage

Ensuring the flooring is proper and not slippery is an important step to safety. Water damage can be a big red flag while deciding on a purchase. Stagnant water in your basement to crack on walls can be pointing towards a major water damage which when ignored can cost you a lot in the future.

3. Functioning of smoke alarms

Smoke alarms need not be stressed much as you can get it installed yourself or you can inform the building maintenance team as it is their priority issue-the safety of the people receding in the building.

4. Checking for water pressure in your unit.

Make sure you choose a place where the water pressure is accurate. If you find any deviations then inform the authorities.

5.Water heater and other appliance issues

Appliance checks are must along with electrical and plumbing checks.

Other checks include:

  • Ceiling and floors
  • Doors and window inspection
  • Mold and attic inspection
  • Checking shared walls for possible damage
  • Common flooring and hallways
  • Checking of patios and decks
  • Poor maintenance issues
  • Parking lots on walkways
  • Visual inspection of the roof

These are just some critical ones carried out by the inspectors. For high-rise, condominium rules differ and more different checks are carried out. Individual insurance on the unit should be a good way to help you with future repairs. It is uncommon between condo owners but it is always better to prevent than repair.

Buyers want a house that is safe. An inspector looks for things that are deficient, ending its service life, or something that does not function properly. Cosmetic repairs are not of any primary concern. Hairline cracks or a wallpaper peeling off is not considered as an issue in such inspections. Only big-ticket items are focused.


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