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Essential pointers to remember when lifting your house!

Do you love your house too much? And don't want to part from it in any way? But what if you have or want to relocate?

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Do you love your house too much? And don't want to part from it in any way? But what if you have or want to relocate? Well, then lifting your home is the best option for you. No matter for what reason you have to move your location and migrate to another lane or city, there are exceptional experts ready to help you in this task. But before you finally have your house lifted, do keep in mind some very important factors so that the entire process goes on smoothly and efficiently.

Don’t miss considering these factors when lifting your house!

There are also various other reasons to consider house lifting. Like, if you live in an area where hurricanes and storms occur frequently, house lifting is carried out to raise your house to a certain level and add extra strong foundation within the floor. And if you are considering adding a basement or expanding the area of your house, house lifting is carried out to accommodate that as well. But today we are precisely talking about when you are migrating from your present location and opting for house lifting in Auckland via Reef View Construction LTD. They provide you the best services in town for lifting and relocating your house very conveniently and efficiently. It is because they've got lots of experience in dealing with many houses before. But before you contact them, do keep in mind to prepare your house for this procedure:

  • Get the permissions — Whether it is just for the strong foundation of your house or you are migrating to another place, if you're considering house lifting soon, you have to get proper permissions from the official. It is best you hire a lawyer or a contractor who is an expert in this task to chalk things out.
  • Confirm the plan with the contractor — You obviously have hired the house lifters for the task. It is very necessary that you discuss the plan in advance with them. Like the schedule and time to go about with this activity and what would be the exact procedure of doing so, etc. It helps you get mentally prepared for this huge task.
  • Preparing the interiors — For everything within the house, you have to be very relaxed that nothing would happen to them. The house lifting is a very slow procedure and nothing in the house moves much. There won't be any physical damage to the interiors of the place. But yes, if you have very fragile and precious art pieces or crockery which are lying outside, it is better to close them in the cupboards and lock them, so they don't get damaged.
  • The exterior of the house — You have lots to prepare in the exterior of the house when you are lifting the place. Like, if you have landscaping done in the place or there are shrubs and trees in your garden, these have to be removed well before the time. Because as it is they won't be surviving when they're going to be separated from the ground. Even if you have wooden decks or other extensions like outdoor showers or dining tables etc., you have to remove them all so that they can be reattached in the new place. Same goes for the wooden steps and fences.

Well, now you are ready with the house relocation process. Just ensure that you and your family members stay at a reasonable distance from the house or the property when the procedure is going on and you prepare way in advance the next site where you are moving your home to.


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