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By Samuel OforiPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

A lot of websites out there are trying to scam you, take your money, and waste your time. I made this list very seriously. I went out, did the research, read the review, tried them out. Every single one of these ten websites is verified and completely legit.


They pay you up to $12/hour to do random tasks. For example, I downloaded the app and one of the local tasks in my area was actually to go inside a grocery store and take some photos of certain brands of beef. I know it sounds crazy but that is how the app works. Big brands and companies want to see how their particular products are displayed in the grocery store. They want to see all types of things, so they post local job listings in your area. According to the FIELD AGENT website, you have a hundred and twenty minutes to complete a task after you accept it so make sure that you are able to do it after two hours of accepting. They do have the work from home task, but it is limited and not well-paid. Most of the tasks they actually pay involve going to a local or grocery store in your area.


Google team up with big brands and companies around the world that need user and customer feedback from people like you. Google will pay you in gift certificates if you have an Android phone or cash straight to your Paypal account if you have an iPhone. You need to go to the website, sign up, and fill out some very quick and easy answers about your opinion on brands and certain products and get paid.


Bird is an up-and-coming highly valuable startup that allows you to rent electric scooters at certain locations around the world. Obviously, this job works better if you live in big cities. You need to download the app and see where scooters are that need to be charged. They will pay you between $5 and $20 per scooter depending on where the scooter actually is and how difficult for you to get it and recharge. It is pretty simple to do this, all you have to do is go pick the scooter up, take it back to your house charge it, and bring it back for other people to enjoy. Keep in mind that you do need a car or truck to transport the scooter if not, this job does not work for you.


It is similar to Upwork or Fiverr where you can get paid as a freelancer. OneSpace will pay you to do things like entering receipt into a database, writing content articles, or doing research work. If you are capable of doing freelance tasks similar to those things OneSpace may be a cool option for you. All you need to do is go to the website, click the Apply option at the right corner, fill out your information, choose the type of services you provide, choose the languages you speak, and things that you are actually interested in. The money will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.


Gigwalk is similar to Field Agent. They pay you to do a variety of different tasks like checking price tags at a grocery store, taking photos of products of certain brands or companies. Keep in mind that there are not enough tasks for you to get around, so make sure you sign up for all of the different services and take advantage of all tests and tasks they provide to maximize your earning potential.


This website pays you to transcribe video and audio into text. It might not seem like a valuable thing to you but there are thousands of people and companies out there who need things transcribed every single day for their business. There is so much business is done on social media in digital form which makes transcribing markedly common than ever before. It is very easy to make money, the better and faster you are at typing, the more money you can make. It also helps to improve grammar, if you are not great with grammar, you can use grammar checking tools like Grammarly or other free available options out there to actually improve your accuracy and typing skills to make even more money using Scribie.


ClearVoice allows you to create content for large brands such as Carfax, LifeLock, and other major brands that need aid in creating written content for their brands. Go to their website=> How Its Works=> Freelancer. Then, create your profile and you can see they advertise that it’s about the entrepreneur ladder. That means as you get better creating content for these large brands, you get paid more to do so and get more consistent work for these large brands as you figured out what exactly content they need. If writing is your niche, then ClearVoice is a good fit for you.


They pay up to $50/hour to test out products from the comfort of working from your own home working via Skype. The reason is there are tons of software companies and multi-million companies that need feedback about their apps, products, websites, etc as the world is transforming to more and more into the internet and digital era. These companies need real users like you to evaluate their user interface, how easy and effective to use their websites where people get confused, and continually improve a more user-friendly experience for their customers as that directly translates into more profits.

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