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Discover the Best Beverly Hills Car Rental Deals Right Here

Tips for renting car in Beverly Hills, CA

By Ryan TouchPublished about a year ago 3 min read

If you’re heading to the 90210, it’s a great idea to pick up a Beverly Hills car rental and cruise it in style. Read on for some tips, courtesy of the Rental Radar, on how to get the best deal on rentals and some common pitfalls to avoid.

Consider prepaying for a better rate

prepay for car rentals in beverly hills

Consider paying for your Beverly Hills car rental, in total, in advance to get a better rate. By paying upfront, you can usually score a reduced rate than when you pick a pay later option, which will see you settle your bill after usage. Do be aware of any particulars in the agreement relating to potential overcharges or any exclusions.

Be aware of any fee changes

look out for fee changes when getting beverly hills luxury car rental

On a related note, keep an eye out for any fees related to changes. Car rentals in Beverly Hills are usually quite lenient about changing drop-off locations, and perhaps even features in things are quiet, but there’s always the possibility of fees being charged for such changes.

Book online

book beverly car rental online whenever possible

To secure the best deal, booking online is a good idea. At the Rental Radar, you can find and compare all the best deals on Beverly Hills luxury car rental deals and even more budget options. Booking online is the best way to ensure everything is in place before you arrive. Not only does it give you the broadest view of what’s available, but it also allows you to pick through pricing data easily.

Don’t be afraid to live it up

explore beverly hills luxury car rental options

Beverly Hills is one of California’s premium areas. If you’re going to be visiting, don’t be afraid to live it up with a Beverly Hills exotic car rental. Whether you’re cruising the shopping district or visiting neighboring areas like Bel Air, you certainly won’t be alone in a topline vehicle. A flashy car is always a conversation piece at a hang-out.

Consider a delivery option

consider beverly hills car hire delivery options

The closest airport to Beverly Hills is Burbank, some 9 miles away. If you pick a Beverly Hills luxury car rental, you can have it waiting at the airport or delivered to your hotel. Just how convenient you want your trip to be is up to you.

Have all the necessary documents

have the necessary documents for car rental in beverly hills ca

Wherever you book a Beverly Hills car rental, it’s critical to have all the necessary documentation. You’ll need a valid ID, driver's license, debit or credit card, to be over the age of 21, and in many cases, proof of insurance. While not all car rental Beverly Hills locations require insurance, many do. If you’re unsure, inquire ahead.

Think about vehicle size

choose the right size of budget car rental in beverly hills for you

When searching for Beverly Hills car rentals, it’s a great idea to think about the right vehicle size for you. A two-seater is the best option if you’re traveling alone or with another person. However, an SUV or minivan would be the best choice if you're in a group. Remember, bigger cars use more gas, so don’t go big if you don’t have to.

Consider gas prices

evaluate beverly hills car rental gas prices

On that note, think very carefully about gas prices. Will it be cheaper to buy gas on the go or prepay in advance? Many rental agencies offer discounts on prepaid refills, while others charge a premium. Make sure to call ahead and figure out what the cheapest option will be.

Be aware of cancellation policies

research budget car rental in beverly hills cancellation policies

When it comes to cancellation policies, they ultimately differ from agency to agency. Some charge fees, while others won’t. The particulars of your booking may also affect this. Therefore it’s a good idea to inquire ahead before you book a rental. Planning carefully and making sure everything is in place beforehand is the best way to ensure a pleasant experience.

Evaluate extras

think carefully about extras for car rentals in beverly hills

When getting a car rental in Beverly Hills, or any other location for that matter, always evaluate the extras rental agencies offer. GPS devices, car seats, and so on can be quite useful, but you can always bring your own or decline them all together, depending on your needs.


With these simple tips, you’re well on your way to getting the best deal on a Beverly Hills car rental and making the most of it too. The information here can be applied no matter where you go, so always keep it in mind on your travels.


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