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Different Types of Hurricane Windows and Doors for Your Florida Home

by Jonathan Rodriguez 4 days ago in house


You can never write off the threats that hurricanes pose to many areas across the U.S. Florida, in particular, is one state that is severely affected by the natural phenomenon every year. Since everyone knows how devastating hurricanes can be, they all have proper measures in place to avoid much damage to their property.

Over the years, hurricane impact windows and doors have proven why they are the best solution to prevent the damage that a hurricane can cause. But what if you don’t like a particular design and would prefer to look for an alternative?

Here’re a few of the designs for hurricane windows and doors you can go for in Florida:

Single/Double Hung Design

The two designs have just one difference; single-hung designs have just one operational sash to slide up and down, while double-hung designs have two of those. Other than that, both the designs are very pictorial and versatile. You can buy them in different color options to go with the overall aesthetics of your home. You will also find them to be elegant yet simple, classy yet easily incorporable in any kind of design you prefer.

Picture Design

These window/door designs aren’t really operable, which means you can’t open or close them. Instead, they are primarily meant to add to the aesthetic value of your home while allowing a healthy, warm beam of natural light inside. You can get them customized in any way you want. Their primary purpose will always be to lighten up the room you install them in, in addition to all regular impact window/door benefits.

Casement Design

Casement window/door designs are probably the most utilizable design you can ever come across. You can swing them open on a hinge, and can easily move them horizontally or vertically. You can decide if you want to open the window/door completely or partially, as per your need. These designs have very strong frames and almost unbreakable locks. They are also very design-friendly and can be installed in any way you want to.

Sliding Design

As the name suggests, these window/door designs can be slid open/closed as you wish to. There are generally two frames used in one such design. One of those frames is fixed on its position, while the other one can be slid horizontally. Homes that have minimal space for both windows and doors, or have low ceilings will find the best use for these window/door designs. You can easily find multiple colors in them as per your liking.

In addition to the above, you can also find a couple more designs for impact windows in Florida. These are:

Skylight Design

Which part of your home would let you gaze up at the sky? That’s right, it will be your roof. Going by their name, skylight design windows are installed right in your ceiling so that you can view the beautiful sky at all times of the day without even stepping out of your home! You can choose to install fixed glass or motor-operated glass. The latter allows you to get more ventilation on a clear, sunny day.

Bay Window Design

These designs have three parts of windows placed in a curved shape to each other. Such window designs help create an illusion of more space indoors just like that. They also look quite stylish and can augment the overall appeal of your interiors. You can choose to install them in any part of your home as you like.

Learn more about what designs of hurricane impact windows and doors would suit your home best. Call your nearest installation company and ask for a free quote to get your windows and doors redone today.


Jonathan Rodriguez

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