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Delta Same Day Flight Modification Rules

Know how to change Delta flight on same day travel.

By Steve JohnsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

If you would like to modify your own Delta Air Lines flight to another flight the same day, your very best choice is to ask for a same-day flight change and steer clear of standby entirely if possible. Delta lets same-day trip fluctuations on flights over the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Twenty-four hours before departure, and to get a $50 charge, you can ask for a confirmed seat on another flight the same day as your initial flight (called a confirmed same-day trip shift ). When a confirmed seat isn't accessible, you can elect for standby status instead (called precisely the same-day flight shift or same-day flight shift standby). Unlike flight fluctuations, same-day standby isn't available in Canada. If you aren't allocated a seat on a standby flight, then the $50 fee is reimbursed.

An additional $200 change fee can also employ -- this will rely on the fare rules about the ticket you bought. Some fare types make it possible for changes, some do not. You'll need to read the fare rules on your ticket to work out whether or not there's a fee. Usually, flexible or nonrefundable fares do not require a Change Fee. The $50 Same-Day Change Fee can be redeemed. Check Delta cancellation policy for the latest flight change fees on different fares.

Rules to modify one way flights on same day travel:

When you've got a flexible fare, then you could have the ability to modify your itinerary with no fee.

When you've got an Economy fare, then you may be rebooked at precisely the same fare class since your initial flight.

When you've got a premium cabin fare -- such as BusinessElite, First, and Business Class -- you will earn a same-day confirmed shift so long as a chair can be found in the top cabin on the airport you want.

Award Tickets are qualified for same-day supported flight changes.

Origin, destination, or co-terminal (e.g., LGA to JFK) changes aren't qualified for same-day supported flight changes.

Fundamental Economy cuisine (E) for flights flown on or after February 1, 2015, isn't qualified for equal supported flight changes.

Standby flight change rules for same-day travel:

Same-day standby is only offered if same-day confirmation isn't provided.

Silver Medallion associates, overall SkyMiles members, and non-members might fly same-day standby for a trip that is sooner than their first flight.

Diamond, Gold, and Platinum Medallion members might standby for a trip any time on precisely the same day as their flight.

No navigation adjustments are enabled.

Eligible same-day standby flights have to be on precisely the same day as the first flight, beginning midnight of the same day to 11:59 pm the same day.

Change is only allowed depending on the original ticketed paid cottage. By way of instance, clients confirmed in R.U. course may standby for flights at the Economy cabin.

Basic Economy fare (E) for flights flown on or after February 1, 2015, isn't qualified for same-day aviation travel fluctuations.

You can use the same-day standby option for traveling within the USA, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands on Delta and Delta Connection flights.

Standby flight change policy for International flights

Delta no longer provides standby for international flights except for a few flights to or in particular places in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Also, they don't permit standby for global upgrades. Free foreign updates for elite SkyMiles members are also a matter of the past -- you need to redeem miles for global updates (or utilize an international Update if you've Diamond Medallion standing ).

Missed Flight Standby on Delta Air Lines:

If you miss a flight due to a delayed or canceled flight, the airline will attempt to confirm a seat for you on a different flight. When the flights are reserved, you can elect for standby instead. You'll be put on the standby list based on priority (full fare and elite standing passengers before discount fare passengers, etc.). You might need to wait around for more than 1 flight before a seat can be obtained. Make friends with all the client support representatives and inquire about the odds of securing a chair -- it could be better to re-schedule your journey.

If the missed flight is the fault, request to be put on the standby list. You'll most probably be charged a commission. Officially, you need to pay the change fee ($200 for domestic flights; $200-$450 for international flights). On the other hand, the ticket or gate broker has broad discretion to give you a lesser fee or no fee in any way. When there's a great reason you missed the flight, and you also present your case convincingly and believably, there is a slight possibility that you can save yourself some cash.


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