Decoration style:Modern American style

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Decoration style:Modern American style
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Buying and hanging pictures after decoration is something that many people have experienced. The effect varies from person to person. Some people are born with aura and feel, while some people have limited level. I believe it can be useful to listen to the advice of professionals. Although we know that the home space is changeable and different, and this aesthetic ability can not be cultivated by a word or two of reminders, we still try our best to translate the "feeling" of professionals into words, find common hang painting tips and share them with you.

Tip 1: 100% handmade abstract decorative painting to enhance the sense of space

In the past, many families didn't pay attention to the arrangement of decorative paintings. They thought that it was adding fuel to the cake. Even if some families put decorative paintings, the contents of the paintings would also choose flowers, plants, fish and insects. With the improvement of people's aesthetic taste, the selection of decorative paintings should also conform to the overall interior decoration style. At present, more and more people like simple and lively modern decoration style.

Large Abstract art painting has always been regarded as a difficult art, but in the modern decoration style of the family, it can play the role of the finishing touch. Although many people can't understand the contents of the paintings, they know whether the paintings are good-looking or not, which is enough for ordinary families. Modern style of home decoration with simple abstract painting, can play a role in promoting space.

Tip 2: the first point of sight is the best position

The first point of view at home is the most suitable place to put decorative paintings. In this way, you won't feel that the wall of your home is empty and the sight is not good. At the same time, it can produce a sense of freshness.

Tip 3: corner decorative painting changes the direction of sight

In the past, people thought that decorative paintings could only be placed in the middle of a wall. However, in today's design, many designers like to put decorative paintings in the corner. The corner refers to the interior space

Room corner, such as the 90 degree angle between the two walls of the living room. Just like the L-shaped sofa which is popular in recent years, the corner decoration painting also has the same beauty. Corner decoration is not very strict on the space requirements, can give a comfortable feeling. On the two walls of the corner, two pictures are placed on one wall, and a picture of the same style is placed on the other wall in parallel to form an L-shaped combination on the wall. This kind of asymmetric beauty can increase the taste of the layout, and there will be no restraint in the interior.

In addition, the corner decoration painting also reminds the host of the change of space through the change of sight line. For example, from the living room to the bedroom on the way to put decorative painting, can play a guiding role.

Tip 4: stair decorative painting can be irregular

If a stair, the metope area that you are opposite is very big, can ask professional personage to draw a pattern directly on metope. This method is very creative and can be designed according to their own ideas. In addition, if the area is not large, you can place irregular decorative paintings along with the shape of the stairs at the corner of the stairs, which has a good effect.

Tip 5: taboo in color selection

Decorative painting can not only be placed in the living room behind the sofa, on the wall behind the TV, in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen, balcony, villa outside the wall. However, it is worth noting that the color matching should be carried out according to different space when placing. Generally, the interior of modern home decoration style is mainly white, and the color of yellow and red is the main color when it is equipped with decorative paintings. Don't choose negative and lifeless decorative paintings. Try to choose bright and lively colors in the living room. If the interior decoration color is very stable, such as walnut, you can choose high-grade gray and artistic decorative paintings.

Tip 6: the shape of decorative painting should correspond to the shape of space If the wall of the space where the decorative painting is placed is rectangular, the decorative painting with the same shape can be selected. Generally, the size of medium size can be used, such as 60in × 60in, 60in × 80in, 80in × 80in. However, if some places need semicircular decorative paintings, they can only do articles on the screen, such as leaving space, because there is no semicircular decorative frame in the market.

Tip 7: decorations should correspond with the details of decorative paintings After choosing a good decorative painting, you can also match some more innovative decorations, such as small sculptures, hand ashtrays, etc., which echo with the decorative paintings in details, and can also achieve unexpected effects..

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