Day Challenge (2)

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Collection Challenge

Day Challenge (2)

Hello, I'm doing another Day Challenge. So today's challenge is "Do you collect anything?" OH, that's a good question. I'm sure we all collect something. Even I do too. So I will explain what I collect. 😁 Maybe you do the same as me.

1) Old Letters.

I started collecting all my old letters that were written to me when I was little. I have a box that is filled with old letters from my grandparents, other relatives, and my friends. I will read them again. They bring back memories. Good memories that I may forget. The letters were like a reminder that I still have people that care about me.

2) Keychains.

I collect keychains from each state. I still collect them now. I think I have about 12. When I travel, I always stop at a gas station or a shop, and buy a keychain from each state that I have been to. All of the keychains are different sizes and colors. It's a memories thing. I travel with my family and friends.

3) Things I do with my friends/families.

I collect different things such as movie tickets, amusement park tickets, photos, things, etc. I collect them and put them in another box. It's a memories box. I like to save memories, and keep them with me in case I don't see them again. I love to look back at the memories that I shared with them.

4) Photo Album in my phone.

I have a photo album that is filled with my favorite people or places. I would collect memories from my favorite people and places. So when I need an encouragement or positivity, I would look at the photos. They cheer me up when I have a hard time. Not all of my friends live close to me, so I have photos of them to remember them by until we met again.

5) Stuffed Animals.

I love STUFFED ANIMALS! I still sleep with them. 😁 Some of them were gifts, and some I won from games from a fair or amusement park. Stuffed animals hold love and memories. I like to keep them. I have maybe five stuffed animals. They are not big, but they're adorable. I like to keep things that were given to me.

6) Sketchbooks.

I love to sketch. I mostly draw animals, or abstract drawings. It's therapy for me; it calms me down. I would have a lot of sketchbooks with different textures and sizes. Maybe I have too many. 😁

7) CDs.

I love CDs! I'm old fashioned. I collect CDs from Goodwill. They're so cheap to buy them at Goodwill. I collect CDs such as Celine Dion, Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire, or Rascal Flatts. I could list a lot more, but those are my top favorite CDs that I have. My car has a CD player, so I collect some CDs and burn some CDs myself, so I can play some tunes in my car while I'm driving.

8) Shoes.

I love SHOES! Who doesn't?! I have too many... I need to stop collecting them. I have different colors, styles, and kinds of shoes. I love CONVERSE and WEDGES! So comfortable to wear! Shoes goes so well with your outfits. 😁

9) Books.

I love to READ! I could read for hours! I love to go to bookstores and find some new books. I have a book shelf that holds all of my books. I have too many books. I like romantic, suspense, or mystery books. I love to figure out things, and I love to see happy ending.

I just realized that I collect a lots of different things. HEHE. Hope you like reading about my collections. I will definitely do more of these daily challenges. Keep looking for more of my daily challenges. Enjoy reading. 😁

Jade Renteria
Jade Renteria
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