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Curbside Done Right

Top 3 Winners offering the Best Curbside Pickup

By Aria Amanda KreuzPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Curbside Done Right
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Many people are now using curbside pickup for their groceries and other essentials. This service is beyond convenient for those attempting to reduce their risk of catching COVID and/or spreading it if you have already been exposed. Most stores are now offering this service but some are doing it much better than others, here are the top 3.

1. Target-

Whether you’re stocking up or just need a few essentials, Target is the top curbside pickup store. You can order anything you need and it will be ready in 2 hours or less. When it comes comes to pricing, convenience, timing, variety and general overall quality, Target gets an A+. Here's what you can expect.

-Pricing: They do not mark up their item prices online like some other stores that use third party shoppers. If you are buying for an infant then Target is bar none the best curbside pickup option for you. They always have significant sales on baby items including daily essentials like diapers and wipes. You can get absolutely everything you need for baby and mommy at Target for prices that you can afford.

-Convenience: The great thing about Target curbside is that you can get anything in the store. You can order groceries, clothing, shoes, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, electronics, kitchen appliances, anything you can think of Target likely has it and they can have it ready for you in two hours or less. The bags are very sturdy which is a plus especially when you're transporting groceries. One of the main perks is the Target App itself. It's beyond user friendly and doesn't require you to dig through pages of unnecessary products, they make it easy to see what IS avaialble and the amount avaialble at your selected location. For this reason Target gets a double A+. What you order is what you get. With apps like Instacart, no matter what store you order from, the items may not actually be available. I have actually had a personal experience with Instacart where the shopper had to replace around 90 percent of my order because the store didn't actually have the item. Frustrating to say the least.

-Timing: Target is however great at refunding you if there are any items that are rotten or if you were given the wrong item. It's always taken care of the same day and many times you don't even need to return to the store. The fact that you can get everything you need for home in less than 2 hours is far more impressive than any other store offering curbside pickup. Home Depot and Tractor Supply Company are great for home and/or pet curbside pickup. They just didn't make the top 3 because they don't have groceries. When it comes to timing some competing companies are failing miserably in comparison to Target.

-Variety/Quality: When it comes to several brands to choose from, Target stays on top again. They have quality food lines like Market Pantry, Archer Farms and Good & Gather. They carry all the national brand favorites as well. The variety of organic, gluten free and low fat items far surpass any other grocery service offering curbside pickup. Only complaint with quality is the packaging. If you're ordering any canned food it's likely several of your cans will have dents in them. One other notable disappointment is it's hit or miss with the produce. It's likely that results will vary depending on location as well.

2. Kroger-

One important thing to know about Kroger Curbside Pickup is that they use a third party for the shopping. One thing that sets Kroger apart though is that they allow you to order on the Kroger website and/or App so you avoid any overcharging on items and you are able to utilize the weekly sales that Kroger has. If fresh is what you're looking for then Kroger will not disappoint. You can still get their sale prices on produce, meat and dairy. Since you're able to get your groceries in around two hours this is a great choice for any day of the week. There is no minimum order requirement and Kroger seems to handle this service professionally and with care because they really care about the safety of their customers during the pandemic.

3. Sprouts Farmers Market-

Sprouts makes the list because it is the best option for curbside pickup if you're more of a healthfood store type person. Sprouts uses a third party shopping system as well but they have a wide variety of affordable healthy foods. You can buy in bulk which isn't available through retailers like Walmart. There are always good weekly sales in all departments including meats, produce, freezer and dairy products. Sprouts is also an excellent choice for healthy frozen meals and fresh made meals from their deli. This gives you easy options for dinner if you're running behind or just don't want to cook that night. There are also several premade lunch items you can order that are both healthy and yummy. Sprouts is also known for having a large variety of gluten free products. They have the best and most affordable selection of supplements and natural remedies in comparison to other stores offering curbside pickup.

As with any business, the location can make a major difference in the type of service you receive from the exact same company. Always check ratings for your local Target, Kroger and Sprouts before ordering to make sure there is not a pattern of negative experiences with their curbside pickup services. I wish you happy shopping and am certain you will be very pleased to see the amount of relief you get from making an online order for Target and having it ready in less than two hours, you just can't beat that service, which is free by the way!

-Amanda McGowan-

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