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Creative Gift Giving on a Low Budget

by Jo 7 months ago in crafts

Beautiful, thoughtful gifts to give when times are hard [or you just prefer handmade!]

Creative Gift Giving on a Low Budget
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

I think we can all agree, that 2020 has been tough; Both physically and emotionally. And for some, myself included, financially. It doesn't seem that going into 2021 is going to be much better in all honesty.

With Christmas over and New Years Day, Valentines Day and no doubt other holidays I am forgetting, many birthdays and occasions that we all often buy gifts for. We can end up spending a small fortune on gift giving each year. In fact many go into debt around this time of year due to the pressure and expense.

So I am putting together this list of gifts that you can make at home, for a fraction of the cost. Granted, buying gifts from a store is convenient. You can find beautiful items ready to give, and with online shopping you even have the convenience of ordering straight to the persons home! But crafting can be so therapeutic and rewarding. And for the cost of that one beautiful gift, you can make multiple gifts for many more people that have your own charming touch.

Lets begin with Candles Everyone loves Candles. They are cosy an beautiful and the scent can transform us. Sparking memories of your favourite childhood candy store, Mamas house or that holiday by the beach way back when. Igniting inspiration or altering your mood. They can do so much and they are fairly simple to make at home. I used this video to learn how. I like to buy an inexpensive set of drinking classes to set my candles in, but the beauty of making your own means you have creative freedom. You can use old jars you have laying around or mismatched cups you have been meaning to repurpose. If you don't have anything at home already, you can buy mason jars or other decorative jars like these quite inexpensively from craft stores or online.

Most things you need to make them you will likely have at home. But the Wax, Jars, Candle Wicks and Essential oils you can pick up for around $40 and will make roughly 4-6 gifts, potentially more depending on where you buy from.

By Fi Bell on Unsplash

Bath Salts As I said above, it has been a rough year. All the tension and anxiety that many of us are experiencing makes this a very appropriate gift to encourage a loved one to take a long hot bath and focus for a moment on caring for themselves.

It is super simple to make a beautiful blend of Bath Salts. All you need is a container, glass is best. Epsom Salt and Essential Oils.

You can look into Essential Oil Blends to make a beautiful smelling bath soak. Plants have many many healing benefits that are so beneficial and can really make your gift special. You can also add dried flowers and some earth friendly, food grade glitter!

All you have to do is fill your container until it's almost full with the Epsom Salts, add a few drops of essential oil and mix well. Once you have added any embellishments you would like it is ready to gift.

It costs around $20 to buy everything you need for about 3-4 simple jars of bath salts.

By Apothecary 87 on Unsplash

Sweets Sweets! Everyone love candy. And they are so fun to make alone or perhaps with your kids. You simply can't go wrong with a delicious treat.

My favourite inexpensive sweet is Chocolate Honeycomb. But you could also make things like brownies, cookies and peanut butter cups.

Fudge is a popular classic that you can get super creative with. All you need is Condensed milk and chocolate. You can do it in a slow cooker or on the hob and you can top it and substitute the chocolate for anything. My favourite is white chocolate fudge topped with caramel and pistachios!

[click the link for the recipe!]

By Melanie Kreutz on Unsplash

Infused Alcohol Booze! Gifts that you can share are the best gifts because they quickly become some of your favourite memories. And we all have one of those stories from that night where we drank a little too much of a certain grown up beverage that we can laugh [and cringe] at to this day.

Some people might be ahead of the game on this one, brewing craft beers, wines and liquors at home. But if you are not a home brewer, you can still make some delicious infused drinks to bottle up and gift.

All you need is an airtight container, liquor of your choice and some bottle to decant your infusion into when it's ready. Do a little research for the recipes that you know your friends will love.

My favourite is Irish Cream. But you could do a Rosemary Gin, Chocolate Orange Vodka or Blackberry Tequila. You could premix your friends favourite cocktails, there really is no limit to your creativity and plenty of room for trial and error.

By Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Artwork Ok, so this one is subjective and a little vague. But the thing about artwork is that it is always unique. I include this one because this is where you get to play around with the things you are best at. Maybe you can frame one of your drawings, paintings or poems. If you are into pottery you could make a vase or trinket dish. You can make Christmas ornaments or a collage.

You could make marbled mugs using inks, photo coasters. Decorative serving trays and aprons for those who like to bake. Jewellery is always a well received gift, perfume oils and paper flowers. Those are just a few ideas, Pinterest is your friend!

By Sarah Brink on Unsplash

Gift Box Putting together your own gift box means that you can fill it with items tailored to the receivers taste or the occasion and costs way less than one that is already put together.

For a baby or new mum, you could fill it with a blanket, teddy, and some relaxing tea for mum.

For the chef or meat lover you could fill a box with a personalised chopping board, cured meats and spice blends.

Maybe the receiver loves a cosy night in on a rare day off, so you could fill it with cocoa, a big mug, fluffy socks, and popcorn.

For the coffee addict, a heat saving flask, a new blend of coffee and some chocolate coated coffee beans.

A COVID box containing hand sanitiser, a cute mask, disinfectant spray and multivitamins!

Anything goes.

By Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

These are just some suggestions, you can put your talents to work or use this as an opportunity to develop some new skills. Whatever you make, your loved ones will adore it for the effort you put in let alone the sentimental value it will hold.

Thank you for reading! Happy gifting.

Additional note; All the hearts and tips are massively appreciated. Thank you!

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