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Corrugated glass blocks: function and aesthetics

They are usually used in different areas, both at a constructive and decorative level. In addition, they generate a very interesting aesthetic effect for interiors.

By oussama achouriPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

A way to work the interior is through the b loques wavy glass: function and aesthetics different for the current home. The purpose is to achieve greater openness or, at least, to achieve that feeling.

We have all heard of windows or room dividers with which to get a little more privacy. With all this, a fundamental objective can be achieved: the play of light and the search for greater transparency.

To decorate, it is not necessary to resort only to the typical objects and furniture that we usually see in the houses. In reality, we can obtain a different and more attractive result through this type of resources that, after all, have a lot to say in the world of interior design.

What are corrugated glass blocks?

When defining this type of blocks, it is necessary to clarify that they are within the family of construction materials. Obviously, they are translucent and allow the passage of light, so they can be useful to better illuminate the rooms that remain in the interior areas that do not have openings.

They are made with glass, but with a wavy effect. This is hollow inside without showing any level of opacity. As we mentioned, it is translucent but not entirely transparent ; thus, you cannot fully see what is on the other side, making it ideal for privacy .

Each of these blocks has approximate dimensions of 20 x 20 x 8 centimeters. For this reason, it is necessary to use several as long as we want to produce a consecutive row or to create a firm and consistent framework. The idea is that it covers a considerable area.

A very interesting component to complement the walls.

How to use them indoors?

If we analyze this resource, we can appreciate its great versatility. Not only is it consolidated as a constructive element, but it also offers aesthetic possibilities in decoration. You can work from different perspectives. Let's see some interesting formulas for its use:

They are usually found in bathrooms. They can cover a shower and give it a modern touch , separate the spaces between the sink and the toilet, be configured as a "closed" opening towards another room, thus replacing the wall materials, etc.

The darkest rooms in the house, such as storage rooms or pantries, usually have artificial lighting; however, we can transform the situation and place these blocks in one part of the room to gain more light .

They resist humidity very well and, even if they fog up, they do not stop losing their original function. For this reason, we can find them in public swimming pools, changing rooms, clinics, toilets, etc. In addition, they convey a certain sense of hygiene and health.

Instead of making a completely watertight wall, why not change the formula and apply another system? It can be arranged from ceiling to floor or simply in a corner or as a border. There are multiple opportunities.

Color possibilities of corrugated glass blocks

Obviously, one of the most demanded is of the neutral type , that is, those glasses that do not have any chromaticism. The light that penetrates through them will be pure, clear and peaceful, without any kind of transformation.

However, there is a wide variety of colors , where blue ones are also the most recurrent, used mainly for bathrooms. But if you want something that attracts more attention, there are them in pinkish, green or orange tones. The aesthetic effect they generate is a cozy atmosphere .

A way to work at home through visual effects.

A smooth and rough texture

The surface of these blocks is not completely smooth . It usually has a certain ripple in order to produce that effect that we are talking about. Anyway, there are also them with very marked roughnesses that attract a lot of attention.

Another case are those that simulate water , being very common in showers. In the same way, they are also used on floors or walkways in order to generate a certain openness and lightness. In addition, they are not slippery and resist a lot of weight.

In short, we can find a large number of varieties. Everything is a matter of researching the commercial surfaces and finding the most suitable for the home.

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