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Common Household Pests in Australia That Are Destroying Your Home

by John Sharon 2 years ago in house
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Top 10 pests and common household insects in Australia

Australia is a completely different place. We can see the diversity in almost everything. From Australian fauna to pests, almost everything consists of a huge diversity of species, it is due to the island’s isolation and climate change. And if we talk about pests then a few species are deadly or life-threatening here, some others are destructive and the remaining are just a nuisance.

Whatever they are, they are harmful to human and human concerns. Pests cause damages to crops, livestock and forestry, and also cause a nuisance to people, especially in their homes. That’s why to keep you and your family safe and informed, here we are presenting a list of common Household Pests in Australia.

Common Household Pests in Australia

Common household insects, bugs, plants or animals that cause damage to residential properties or have the capacity to harm human health and life within a home can be classified as Household Pests. These household pests are drawn to your home to find shelter, feed and breed. Here are the top 10 pests and common household insects in Australia.


Their appearance in the kitchen is enough to give Heebie-jeebies to all the family members. Cockroaches are most pervasive house bugs. They prefer damp spaces and they will be drawn to homes that offer warmth, especially in colder climates.

Cockroaches can spread a wide range of diseases such as gastroenteritis, dysentery and salmonella to humans by infecting our food items. Cockroach droppings have also been known to exacerbate eczema and asthma in kids. You can avoid risk at some level by covering all the food items, fixing all the cracks and keeping the area clean.


Mosquitos not only irritate us with their high-pitched drone and irritating bites, but they also have the potential to kill humans. They are known to carry transmittable diseases such as Dengue fever, malaria, dengue and Ross River virus and these diseases can be life-threatening.

Mosquitos are also stubborn, so they are not the best that they can be eliminated with some sort of DIY approach. They love humid weather and lay eggs in old water. They are also known for growing fast; some species of Mosquitoes can go from egg to adult in a minimum 4 days.

To provide all around protection to you. your family and pets some reputed pest control companies provide scheduled pest control treatment. They will also use various eco-friendly solutions to kill living mosquitos, and additionally they will also eradicate any trace of larvae inside your property.


Some reports state that Termites cause almost $700 million in damage every year to homes around the nation. These insects are considered the most expensive pest in Australia. Termites are very common all around the world, but they cause major damages in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Termites are more harmful than any other pests because they can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day so if your home get infested then you don’t have time to think much or delay the treatment because they grow very quickly and can cause serious damage in very less time.


These tiny creatures can be absolute menace in the house. Fleas can cause lots of trouble both inside and outside of your home. They can also cause harm to your pets and anyone who comes into contact with them.

A single flea alone can lay hundreds of eggs, thus a problem which was looking like a very tiny problem can take a worse look in just a few days. They grow faster than others, thus delaying the Pest Control treatment is not a wise step. Fleas can cause serious problems to animals or anyone who has them.

Itching and scratching are signs of having them in your home. Fleas through their bite are also able to transmit parasites such as tapeworms. To keep yourself, your family members, and pets safe make sure to contact a targeted extermination technique, because they can solve the issue safely and permanently.


There are over 2,000 species of spider living in Australia, some of them are the most venomous species in the world. Their bite can be fatal if left untreated, others might only leave a painful wound.

Behind bookcases, overhangs, wardrobes, eaves and air vents are the favourite hiding places of spiders. Spiders prefer dark and damp spaces and will weave webs in order to collect food. They can also be found in the garden area, the firewood stack etc.

During the warmer months, female spiders can lay up to 3,000 individual eggs, thus for the safety of your family you need to call a reliable Pest Control Service provider to clear spiders from your property.


Mice and rats can be found anywhere in this world. These were introduced to Australia by the first European Settlers. Since then they’ve spread to all corners of Australia. They are infamous for spreading diseases and causing harm to the structure.

Rodents carry a wide variety of diseases, such as typhoid, meningitis, infectious jaundice and many more diseases. Additionally, if a home infested from Rodents, then nausea, fever and swelling are very common there. These all can be fatal for persons who are suffering from a depleted immune system.

Rodents also cause damage to the home structure, especially wooden structure and when combined with their ability to multiply quickly, and spread disease they don’t deserve to be in our house. That’s why Pest control treatment seems necessary in your home because they will not only eliminate the risk, but they will also block all the entry points to avoid any future attack.


After Spiders, Australia is also a home of about 1,300 different species, some common ones are Argentine ants, carpenter ants, coastal brown ants and the common black house ant. Ants are more a nuisance than a dangerous pest, for example, Bull ants are found all over Australia and they are highly aggressive and their bite can be quite painful. Not all of them are harmless and most of them have been known to invade homes.

Ants are not medically threatening as cockroaches or mosquitos but they also carry bacterial and fungal organisms. Ants can cause various types of problems in a home and that’s why to avoid all the risks you will have to call a reliable pest control company. If not treated well and in time, these irksome house insects can build colonies inside or outside your house which can be really dangerous.

Wasps and bees

Yes, we know that Bees are vital to our ecosystem, but sometimes they can be troublesome creatures if they get interested in your home. However, it is very rare that bees build their hives in close proximity to a residence.

Australia is a home of over 1,500 species of native bees, wasp on the other hand is also very common there. Wasps are opposite than bees and they can build nests in eaves and under verandas, which can’t be easily detected for extended periods of time. Bees and wasps also does feature a terribly painful sting. Recently, some new species of hornet (Murder Hornet) are also reported which are enemy of bees. So they can invite some bigger problems too.

If you found a beehive or wasp nest inside your home, then it can be harmful because they have strong and they also can infest the walls, roof or outdoor perimeter of your home. Wasps can perform coordinated attacks, and also can use string multiple times, that's what makes them decidedly more threatening than bees. For the safest and an eco-friendly solution we will suggest you to hire a pest control company.


Flies are a common household insect and these are considered as Australia's most annoying pest. These creepy insects cause various health problems to humans and animals, they are known for spreading dangerous diseases such as salmonella,E. Coli etc. Flies like a horse fly can also deliver a painful bite.

Flies can lay 150 plus eggs per day and they grow faster, some can go from egg to adult in a week thus controlling them is necessary. You can implant some precautionary measurements at home, which includes covering all the food items, use air-tight containers, keep everything clean and ensure your bins have tightly sealed lids. But if the situation is going out of control, then taking help from professionals will be a great step.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are very common in Australia, they feed on blood and they can cause various health related problems. Their bite can reduce the sensing efficiency of that particular area and then they can suck your blood without getting caught. These pests are very tiny in size and they are very hard to detect. They can be easily found all over the place, including bed frames, mattress seams, wardrobes, carpets, skirting boards, sheets etc.

If they remain untreated, then bed bug problems can become worse. The bed bugs can survive for a year even without any food. Bed Bugs lay up to 200 to 250 eggs in one lifetime. And can be matured in a few weeks. Bed Bugs are not hazardous but they can cause some serious health issues.

Best Way to Deal with common Household Pests in Australia

There are various methods to reduce the growth and eliminate the pests from home. You can use a DIY approach to solve the minor pest related issues, but no-one knows side-effects, effectiveness and reliable quantity of those pesticides. Additionally, there will be some risk involved while applying the DIY Solution and that’s why taking help of a reliable Pest Control Company seems essential to keep your family, pets and home structure safe.

If you are looking for a reliable Pest Control Company in Australia then we will suggest you to contact Pest Control Corp. Pest Control Corp has been providing Residential Pest Control Service for the last 10 years at affordable costs. They have experienced pest control technicians and government approved pesticides, along with equipment and knowledge they can provide a 360° Protection from pests.


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