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Common Garage Door Problems

That You Can Face Every Now And Then

By Emma AlfiePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

With the latest models coming for garage doors, you are probably going for an upgrade for yourself. However, where there is light, there are shadows too. In this case, you can face multiple issues regarding your garage door’s functionality that would need an effective repair response. Here are some of the common garage door problems that you can face every now and then:

Grinding Noise

One of the common problems that you can face is the annoying, grinding noise of the garage doors that occurs during opening or closing or sometimes both. The issue here is with the opener of the garage door that is causing resistance due to the lack of lubrication. The remedy is easy. You simply need to apply silicone-based lubricant to the full length of the opener. Or you can ask a garage door company Granite Bay CA website to tailor you with a suitable lubricate, either liquid or spray that can easily be applied. This would solve the issue.

Weather Sealant Issue

Garage doors come with weather sealants that seal away the exterior wind, cold, and heat when the door is closed. However, if you hear hissing sounds like air passing through, and notice cracks in the seams, you can be sure that you need a weather sealant replacement. They can easily be bought from any local home improvement stores and can be installed on your own too.

Opener Issue

Another common issue that probably occurs a lot in comparison with others is the garage door opener issue. Sometimes the opener won’t simply work, which results in the door remaining closed, unable to open. In case that’s the issue, then lubrication can fix it right away. However, if lubrication doesn’t help, then you might need an opener replacement because it probably has worn out with the passage of time.

Alignment Issues

If you experience your garage door shutting down in an abrupt, quick manner, then it is possible that the issue is with your garage door alignment. Since the latest garage doors come with photo-eyes that observe any obstruction in their way and retract the door. However, if the photo-eyes are misaligned, it can cause this issue. A solution recommended by garage door repair contractors is to clear the pathway from any obstruction such as nails, etc. that can cause the photo-eyes to retract the door. In addition, you should measure the height from ground to photo-eyes, and from photo-eyes to the top of the garage. This would give an effective idea if the alignment is accurate or not.

Sealing Problems

Because of the alignment issues, the garage door doesn’t seal down properly. If you are unable to get rid of the alignment issue, you can also use sealing insulation that is easily available at hardware stores, to seal away the remaining space.

Remote Issues

You come home, tired, just wanting to park your car, go inside, and crash on your bed. But, your garage door isn’t opening. Frustrating right? Want to know the issue? It’s probably your remote or your photo-sensor. The remote controller, like any other controller, is battery operated. You were so busy enjoying the luxury that you forgot to change its batteries. On the other hand, it’s probable that your sensor has become foggy, and unable to grasp the signals properly. Hence getting them fixed will solve the issue.

Although it’s not a complete list of the probable list of the problems and the issues that can arise with garage doors. Still, these are the most common ones that you’re likely to face and should be prepared for.


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