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Clean Carpets: Easy Way To Brighten Your Living Space

Any house that you enter, the one thing that catches your eye is the carpet. A majestic spread that oozes elegance into the entire seating area

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Clean Carpets: Easy Way To Brighten Your Living Space
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Any house that you enter, the one thing that catches your eye is the carpet. A majestic spread that oozes elegance into the entire seating area or an elegant and sophisticated yet practical and compact rug—a carpet can tell people a lot about the owner’s personality. So why would you not want your carpets to look pristine and clean all the time? It would’ve been a hassle for sure, but with the kinds of easily accessible services nowadays let you have them cleaned without losing any precious time that you have.

Know your cleaning options.

It is always better to be fully aware of the kinds of cleaning options you have at professional carpet cleaning services before you call them; a little bit of research wouldn’t hurt anyone.

While most services make sure to give a detailed explanation via call or on the website when one tries to book a service slot, some do not contain a detailed description of steps and it is your duty as well as your right to be aware. Additionally, not all companies provide every kind of cleaning service so you must book your service accordingly.

1. Steam Cleaning (also known as, Hot Water Extraction Cleaning)

This is the most commonly used and known professional cleaning method for carpets. It is fit for places with hot weather. Hence, this is the most commonly used method of carpet cleaning in Cocoa, Florida, parts of Asia and a few European countries.

This method requires the carpets to be subjected to a hot jet of pressurized water, which is basically steam, and the high temperature, high-pressure water dissolves the dirt which is accumulated on the surface of the carpet. This dissolved dirt is then taken care of by brushing which is attached to the steamer itself. This recreates the process of washing the carpet without having to take it to the laundromat.

A good wash on the carpet can take up to four hours to dry. It also depends on how dense and thick your carpet is; the denser the carpet, the longer it takes to dry.

2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

A method advised by many, this is the easiest and the most efficient way to clean your carpets. The biodegradable powdered compound is fumigated into the carpet’s microfibers and cleans the entire carpet very quickly. This method is usually used on carpets which are in use all days of the week.

3. Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is an outdated and inefficient technique of cleaning carpets. It involves the carpet to be shampooed with a particular compound which is suitable for the kind of carpet you own and the carpet is then washed and dried. This method not only is tedious it also keeps your carpet wet for a long duration of time. Even when your carpet dries, the texture doesn’t remain the same as the shampoo isn’t easily washed out in one go so the carpet feels slimy. This method isn’t advised or practised by a majority of the servicing companies anymore.

Is professional carpet cleaning worthwhile?

So now that you know the kind of cleaning service you wish to avail, you are tormented by the question - would it be worth the money? Look back the past couple of months and try to recollect the times you had even thought of making time to deep clean your home? Probably never. We live in an incredibly fast-paced world and have too much on our plates to do, too many checklists to tick off of, too many tasks to finish. It is best to hire a professional cleaning service to do this job for you while you manage your time to do other productive things on your agenda.

Time isn’t the only constraint, another one is the quality of work. You aren’t obviously, trained to clean carpets and certainly, not well. There is no way you can clean your rug better than a professional carpet cleaning service can. Let the professional handle the work, if not for you, for your carpet’s sake.

Additionally, carpet cleaning isn’t just about the process but also about the cleaning supplies. Using cleaning equipment of unknown kind and ingredients might harm your carpet. Professionals are aware of the kind that your carpet needs and hence handle it better. In case your rug requires harsher cleaning supplies which include chemicals, they are trained enough to handle the same.

Carpet cleaning services have become easily available and economical since there is a rise in demand for professionally cleaned carpets. People have realised the effect these have on their home and decor and thus, require them done well. This increase in demand has allowed professional services to be able to drop their prices considerably and make them more accessible to everyone.

Too tedious, too time-consuming?

If you have a lot of time on your hands and have decided to take this humongous task all up to yourself to finish, we wish you good luck. It might take you quite a considerable amount of time to just clean, let alone set it out to dry. If you are someone who has cleaned the carpet a few times, the process might not be too difficult for you to understand but if not, then you might have to look up and device a plan to execute the entire cleaning process.

However, these carpet cleaning professional services do not require much time to set up equipment. They are already ready with a set plan which was devised to finish cleaning your carpet as efficiently as possible.

Maintaining your carpet.

Now that the cleaning service is over and your carpet is shiny and as good as new, it will only remain the same if you manage to maintain the condition. Keeping your carpet can be tedious and might require a lot of attention but it isn’t impossible.

1. Clean your carpet stains as you see them

This is the most common mistake that people make. Leaving your carpet stained and cleaning it when you have time will let the stain sink into your carpet fibres and cause it to become permanent.

2. Clean your soles before you step on your carpet.

People who have pets at home or those who often go into the backyard know that their carpets have constant stains because of these reasons. Keeping a doormat beside your rug would help in keeping dust and dirt off of the carpet.

Keeping a carpet is easy once you get the hang of it. But to be able to keep it new is only possible by timely cleaning and maintenance, just like your care. So next time you find yourself procrastinating about cleaning your carpet, just call a professional!


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