Chunky Knit Blankets: 4 Tips In Creating Your Own Blankets

by Jess Ridley 4 months ago in crafts

When the weather gets cold, chunky knit blankets are among the coziest things you can snuggle in.

Chunky Knit Blankets: 4 Tips In Creating Your Own Blankets

When the weather gets cold, chunky knit blankets are among the cosiest things you can snuggle in. These comfy creations are typically made by knitting oversized yarns, which have perfectly soft and bouncy textures. Due to the thick yarn, chunky blankets will keep you warm without any heavy or suffocating feeling.

If you’re looking to get your own chunky blanket, you can either make it yourself or purchase one. Even if buying is absolutely easier, giving the time and effort to knit can be fulfilling. If you want to do everything yourself, here are a few helpful tips for making your personal arm knitting blanket.

1. Opt for the proper yarn type

Many different types of yarn can be used in arm knitting. One example is Merino wool, a high-end option that is strongly recommended for its thickness and smooth texture. It is also breathable, durable, and naturally insulating, making it excellent for knitting a blanket. An inexpensive alternative is acrylic yarn, which has been developed to feel kind of like wool fibres. Acrylics are also commonly machine washable and great for knitting blankets that you can use on a regular basis. Natural, vegan wool options are widely accessible for those who want to use yarns without animal products.

No matter which yarn you choose, make sure that you only order from a dependable shop. Doing this guarantees that you’ll acquire high-quality yarn for creating a sturdy blanket.

2. Think about the tools that can be used

It goes without saying that your two arms and some oversized yarns are all you need for arm knitting. However, if you aren't comfortable with this, you can also use broomsticks, PVC, or oversized needles.

It’s also possible to make a chunky blanket by crocheting. To accomplish this, you can purchase oversized crochet hooks or use your arms. This method results in a heftier, thicker blanket but will also require more yarn.

3. Make certain you have plenty of yarn

Clearly, not having enough yarn is the last thing you want to happen when making an arm knitting blanket. Yarns are generally sold by weight. A large 160cm x 200cm blanket needs around 6 kilograms of yarn to complete. Meanwhile, smaller blankets measuring 120 to 150 square centimetres, will require 3 to 4 kilos of chunky yarn. If you want a tiny 75cm x 125cm blanket for personal use, 2 kilos of material should suffice.

4. Check out great arm knitting resources online

If you have no idea how to begin arm knitting, don’t feel stressed. Since the trend is rather common, there are many wonderful blogs, communities, and tutorials available on the Internet these days. Beautiful patterns for chunky knit blankets are also available for free, allowing you to create a design that you truly love. Furthermore, you can also check out other interesting giant knitting projects, like chunky mattresses, scarves, and rugs to acquire some more ideas.

Although arm knitting is a quite challenging hobby at first, it can be incredibly fulfilling once you’ve perfected it. If you bear these helpful pointers in mind, getting started will be much easier. Continue doing your craft, and you will be a pro at making chunky knit blankets soon.

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