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Christmas 2020: Play These Fun Games To Enjoy To the Fullest!

by Robert Albert 11 months ago in list

Storytelling is always fun. You don’t have to do anything extra for it.

This year, Christmas would be nothing like before, and that’s obvious. Everybody has to stay the most in their homes and keep the interaction as low as possible — we all know the rules, right? But that should never stop us from dressing up in the Christmas Jacket Outfits like the previous years and enjoying to the fullest. Christmas is all about fun and spending time with the people you love, so here is a list of some family games which would keep you interested in this holiday;

Toss the Rings Onto the Antlers:

This game is the Christmas take on the typical ring toss. One person has to become a reindeer by wearing an antler headband. To vibe with the Christmas theme, twist a tape in red and white around the antlers. Now, make some rings with pipes and paint them red and white as well. The game starts when one person wears the antler headband, and other people make attempts to toss their rings onto the reindeer antlers. This game is so fun to play, and the fun doubles when you play in an open area or at a substantial indoor place.

Christmas ft. Guess Who:

This is a card game having infused with Christmas vibes. Make many cards based on the family members or are relating to them somehow. You can also add their photos to the cards for ease. Then the guessing game starts. Ask questions or make titles like ‘the best cake baker’ or ‘who is the neatest one in the whole family? After playing this game, you can also use the cards having all the answers on them as the decoration.

Snowman Bowling:

Creating snowman should not be stopped in the winter, especially when it is Christmas! So, make a snowman at your home without snow by using empty containers, cans, or tissue boxes. Paint them white like a snowman, and add all the necessary features to it like nose, eyes, and hat. Now, take a big ball and use it for bowling. This game is so fun and the most favorite of all the kids!


Bingo has no limitations for the participants. Every person in the family can play this game, from the kids to older people like grandparents. Everybody is familiar with the rules of Bingo; it’s not new. Go for some Christmas creativity and get the boards having a Christmas tree, candy cane, reindeer, gingerbread man, or any Christmas thing printed on them.

White Elephant:

This is another one of the popular game. The name itself indicates what the game can be on holidays, no? If you still don’t get it, then it revolves all around the Christmas gifts. Everybody has to place their gifts in a pile, then the process of numbering is performed to finalize, who is the first one to pick an unknown gift. After someone has picked up the gift from the pile, the others are left with two options; to steal it from any other person either or take a gift from the pile. Unwrapping gifts at the end of the game is always fun but is optional.

Make a Holiday Story:

Storytelling is always fun. You don’t have to do anything extra for it. Just gather all your friends and family members at a place, make a group, and let someone start a holiday or Christmas story with a sentence. Then move onto the next participant and ask him to move the story further with one sentence. Do this with all the participants and laugh at the end of the game when the story gets completed.

Treat the Snowman:

This game is so fun to play. Either you are a kid or an adult, decorating and creating snowman in your style is always fun. Sketch the snowman on the poster board, and let all the participants make their snowmen. Create a fluffy nose or add shiny diamonds to the eyeball; the result always gives a good laugh!


It won’t matter if you are a professional artist or just a beginner; Pictionary is always so cool to play. You can add Christmas vibes to this game by making a list of all the Christmas special movies, songs, or references. You can also add some famous brands for their Christmas Costumes Deals and go for something unique.


Robert Albert

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