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Breathe life into your kitchen by picking the right kitchen tiles

The objective while picking kitchen tiles should be to make the place look cozy, comfortable, and visually appealing on one hand.

By Shrishti SinghPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The concept of using kitchen tiles got introduced to reduce the impact of splashes on the back walls of the kitchen. Similarly, for the kitchen floors, it is good to use water-resistant tiles that are anti-slippery in nature. The convenience factor plays an important role in this aspect. Tiled walls and floors are easy to maintain, which is so essential from the perspective of cleanliness and hygiene. The kitchen is one place in the house that invariably needs to be well-maintained in the best possible manner.

Kitchen wall tiles

Different types of kitchen wall tiles are available for consumers in the market today. Of all the different types of tiles, the ceramic tile stands out and is quite popular. It is primarily because this type of tile is priced affordably, though they are not cheap; and they are quite manageable. With most modern households having all earning members, it becomes difficult to maintain the walls of the kitchen – thus, covering the walls with kitchen tiles is a good way to ensure that the walls are well-protected from splashes, stains, and growth of microbes.

1. Kitchen floor tiles

When picking tiles for the floor of the kitchen, ensure that you choose a type that is safe and is durable. Safe, because in the kitchen, wet floors are common and that is when the risks of accidents increase. Durable because you have a considerable amount of traffic flow in and out of the kitchen – so, the tile needs to be robust to support heavy foot traffic.

Since there are many types and styles of the kitchen wall and floor tiles, you need to be very careful when picking the best one for your kitchen. What factors should you remember?

1. The first thing to consider is surely the type of wall tile. From natural stone tiles to porcelain tiles to ceramic tiles, there is a wide range of choices here. Stone tiles are on the costlier side but they look extremely elegant and classic. You can choose between marble, granite, travertine, slate, and limestone. Each type of these natural tiles has its pros and cons. Then there are the manmade floor tiles like porcelain, glass, ceramic, gloss, and matt tiles. Choosing one from the other, you need to look at your needs and budget first, before picking one or two from these.

2. The choice of color tones and patterns should also be considered before buying. You can go in for subtle colours or choose the more vivid and vibrant colours. Remember to keep your budget, as well as your tastes in mind when making a choice.

3. The size and shape of the tiles also need to be looked at. If you have a small kitchen, you might want to choose bigger sized tiles and vice versa.

4. The texture of the tiles is an important consideration too. This is especially true for the floor tiles in the kitchen. It is commonly said in the construction industry that the safety and the texture of the tile should align with one another. There are anti-slip tiles that are matt types that are less prone to cause slippage and falls. The smooth tiles on the other hand can be risky in the kitchen area.

5. The installation of the tiles should be analyzed. It is good to have a professional do the work of installation rather than DIYing the entire job. You should speak to a professional if possible to be able to make the right choice.

The objective while picking kitchen tiles should be to make the place look cozy, comfortable, and visually appealing on one hand; and on the other, picking tiles that are not difficult to maintain while keeping the place spotlessly clean.


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