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Bed Bug Bites - Questions Answered

By DandelionclubPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

A home is defined by comfort and the air of hospitality. Otherwise, it’s just four walls and a roof which is made of bricks and mortars. In the modern age, homes are designed and built with a lot of amenities to enhance that comfort.

Still, there are many cases where homeowners face pain and discomfort and think of taking drastic measures to ease that pain. One of the prime examples is bed bug bites. Not too common in hot and dry neighborhoods, but these little crawlers can be found in a humid environment.

Too often, we have heard from homeowners who think they have been bitten by bed bugs. Symptoms and remedies are not clear in that case which makes them concerned about their health and their loved ones.

After being rare in the US for a long time, bed bugs have made a comeback in recent times. Once near extinction, they have infested cities and coastal lines across the world with no stop in sight.

These widespread infections have raised concerns and alarms among the masses. In order to keep safe, it is important to understand how these pests affect our well being and how to eradicate them successfully without exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals.

The night hours are the most active time for bed bugs. They feed mostly on the blood of hot-blooded hosts which includes human beings. The main concern here is that their bites are painless because they inject an anesthetic and a blood thinner in the corresponding skin area which makes it numb as they feed.

These little creatures are shrouded in mystery because they work in “shadows”. Nonetheless, they raise bars for their active remediation and education.

Below, we’ll answer the most common questions asked about the bed bug bites:

How To Determine If It’s A Bed Bug Bite?

Though their “operations” are stealth and painless, a bed bug bite can turn into red itchy spots after some time. Constant scratching can turn this scratch into an infection that calls for immediate medical assistance. People experience an amplified skin reaction if they sustain multiple bites in a small skin area. In turn, the skin becomes sensitive in otherwise tough regions like hands, legs, feet, etc.

What Does A Bed Bug Bite Look Like?

Bed bug bites turn into small crimson bumps or welts in a line or in a zigzag pattern, surrounded by small blisters or hives. Usually, they are large pink spots that can cause irritation and inflammation in the surrounding skin area. The key is not to scratch the itchy areas because it would lead to infection.

What Happens When A Bed Bug Bites You?

Bed bug bites are painless because they inject a “local anesthetic solution” inside your body which will numb the skin. That’s why we don’t realize at the time. The bites result in rashes all over the body. Symptoms of secondary infection are more pronounced which includes gradual swelling, warmth, tenderness, and in rare cases, fever.

How Long Does It Take To Realize There Are Bed Bugs Around?

Apart from obvious signs of biting and infection, you can find out whether your house is infested by bed bugs by taking the following things into consideration:

Uncomfortable Nights

Marked Arms & Shoulders

A buggy Bed

Musty Odor Around Your Bed

Do Clothes Provide Any Protection Against Bed Bug Bites?

Clothes provide active protection against bed bug bites because they can’t bite through fabric. Bed bugs have a small mouth that cannot penetrate through clothes. To ingest blood from a host, they come in direct contact with the skin.

What Are The Most Vulnerable Skin Areas?

Bed bugs penetrate the skin from the places which is exposed during sleep. In most cases, it includes hands, face, neck, feet, etc. Those who sleep naked are at the risk of getting an exaggerated amount of bed bug bites. So, it’s recommended to get your bed, preferably the whole house, “debugged” before your plan to sleep without clothes.

Is There Pain In Bed Bug Bites?

Bed bugs inject anesthetic chemicals in the skin when they bite to ingest blood from their hosts. This is the reason their bites are painless. People only realize they are bitten when they see pink spots or crimson rashes all over their bodies.

How Long Do The Bites Last?

On average, bed bug bites last around two weeks or more. For people with more sensitive skin, it could take almost three weeks to completely heal. In cases of infestation, complete eradication of bed bugs will only help because new bites will accumulate as the older ones disappear.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Bed Bug Bites?

Bed bugs love the comfort and warmth of the bed just as you do (as the name suggests, maybe more). To safely eradicate them, it’s important to keep your bed extra clean. Once a week, clean your sheets, pillows, and mattress. Leave the sheets out in the sun because they hate hot places and want to leave them as soon as they can.

Does Alcohol Help In Killing Bugs?

Existing bugs and eggs can be killed using alcohol. Spraying alcohol will prevent bugs from returning to their old home but it does not help much in an infestation.

Do Bed Bug Bites Cause Itching?

Yes, they do. The bite itself is painless but it causes itch which should not be scratched. It is because scratching could lead to infection which requires immediate medical attention.

What Is The Treatment For Bed Bug Bites?

Itching is one of the most common complaints arising from bed bug bites. If it persists, people mostly use topical steroid creams or oral antihistamines and use water and soap to clean the bite sites.

In outlook, bed bug bites look fairly identical with other insect bites. So, it’s of vital importance to consult a health professional to confirm whether the bites are from bed bugs or something else is living in your home. Hire a professional pest controller for a thorough examination of your house to check the infestation in your immediate surroundings.

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