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Beyond the Frame: Innovative Ways to Use Matting and Framing

Beyond the Frame: Innovative Ways to Use Matting and Framing

By COMPUTER WEB CORNERPublished 12 months ago 4 min read

Beyond the Frame: Innovative Ways to Use Matting and Framing

Matting and framing are not just for preserving and showcasing your favorite photos or artworks. They can also be used as a creative outlet for DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and artists. With a bit of imagination and some crafting skills, you can transform plain frames and mats into unique and personalized decor pieces that can add personality and charm to any space.

Matting and Framing Craft Ideas

Here are some matting and framing craft ideas that you can try:

Embellished Mats

Plain mats are like blank canvases that you can decorate with various embellishments, such as ribbons, buttons, beads, stickers, washi tape, or hand-drawn designs. You can create a border or a focal point on the mat that complements the artwork or photo, or that reflects your personal style. For instance, you can use seashell buttons and a blue ribbon to frame a beach photo, or you can draw whimsical flowers or animals on a white mat with colored markers or pencils.

Painted Frames

Plain wooden or metal frames can be jazzed up with a coat of paint or a faux finish. You can use acrylic paint, spray paint, or chalk paint to give the frame a new color or texture. For example, you can paint a distressed white frame with a turquoise glaze to achieve a shabby chic look, or you can use gold metallic spray paint to add a touch of glamour to a black frame. You can also use stencils, stamps, or freehand designs to create patterns or motifs on the frame.

Mixed Media Collages

If you have a collection of small items or scraps that are too small to frame individually, you can create a mixed media collage on a mat or a board. You can use various materials such as fabric scraps, buttons, lace, paper cutouts, dried flowers, feathers, or found objects to create a cohesive design. You can glue the items onto the mat or board in a random or organized pattern, and then frame the collage with a complementary frame. This craft idea is ideal for creating personalized gifts or souvenirs, such as a memory board of a special trip, a baby's first year, or a pet's milestones.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are like miniature dioramas that showcase three-dimensional objects, such as figurines, souvenirs, medals, or natural specimens. You can create a shadow box with a deep frame and a custom mat or background that suits the theme or style of the objects. For example, you can create a beach-themed shadow box with a sandy mat, seashells, starfish, and a miniature boat, or you can create a vintage-themed shadow box with a lace mat, old postcards, and a pocket watch. You can also add lighting or special effects, such as glitter or snowflakes, to enhance the display.

Polaroid Wall

If you love instant photography and want to showcase your Polaroid or Instax prints, you can create a wall gallery of framed prints with custom mats. You can choose mats in various colors, patterns, or textures that complement the photos, or that contrast with them for a bold effect. You can also add handwritten captions or quotes on the mats with a calligraphy pen or a marker. Arrange the frames on a blank wall or a wire grid for a minimalist and modern display, or mix them with other wall art and decor for a more eclectic look.

Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are a timeless and elegant decor theme that can be achieved with framed pressed flowers, leaves, or ferns. You can press your own specimens by placing them between two sheets of paper or in a flower press for a few days or weeks. Once they are dried and flat, you can arrange them on a mat or a background paper in a pleasing manner.

Now that you know about the innovative ways of using framing and matting, you can start with your craft creativity now. And if you are thinking about the craft items, TrueGether has got you covered. It is the one of the best sites like Shopify, but free, that brings for you a wide range of art and craft products at quite reasonable prices. So collect your craft items and start showing your creativity now.

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