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Top 10 Real Estate Websites in India

By Indian Realty ChroniclesPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Real Estate Websites of the Year 2020-21

Let's have a look at 2020-2021's Best Real Estate Websites in India...

2020 has indeed been challenging.

The year made the whole world stand still on its toes and confined every one of us to our homes!

The quarantine lockdown had exhausted even the hardcore introverts to escape the confines of the four walls,

but slowly and steadily, most of us fell in love with our homes. Corona Virus taught us there is much more to home than being a mere shelter.

And speaking of homes, many understood the value of owning a home rather than renting out,

this had then boosted the wounded realty sector of India to patch up its heavy wounds dealt by COVID-19 and Lockdown with innovative strides.

Online Home Buying became a norm, and Real Estate Websites helped the Indian realty climb out of the ditch.

Though many companies closed down shop during the pandemic, some of the companies, popular and otherwise showed heart to remain strong, and I can say for sure that these companies remain the promise for the future years.

This list comprises of some of the finest realty companies which stood tall despite a gruelling challenge and will stride forward towards the next couple of years!

Here are the Best Indian Real Estate Websites of 2020-2021

1) Magic Bricks

Magic Bricks is undoubtedly the leader of the top real estate websites in India. Though in the past few years, they had fallen short of popularity, which they had regained during the pandemic crisis.

They had actively strived to push the realty market far from the pandemic's clutches and helped out many homebuyers to get their homes even during the crisis.

2) is getting immensely popular in the digital world, with their innovative and engaging edge that all of us Indians came to love. definitely sparks up the way to the future, showcasing an entirely different angle of Indian real estate which corresponds to our times.

3) 99 Acres

99 Acres is undoubtedly one of the best real estate websites in India, and for the past few years, they maintained their position in the big 3 of Indian Realty Market.

They still emphasize the ease of transactions between the home buyer and the developer and gives out the best platform for both of them to interact.


This young company is certainly giving out the serious competition to many of the major players in the market. The stalwart firm crafts out-of-the-box service models too.

Going all about PropTech and a digital revolution in Indian Real Estate, makes our list of the best Indian Real Estate Websites in 2020-2021.


ZRICKS is known for its commitment and honest transactions throughout India. One of the finest-crafted realty websites in India.

ZRICKS has captured the hearts of every Indian homebuyer in the past few years with their property reviews and provides countless solutions for commercial and residential realty.

6) CommonFloor

Common Floor is another veteran Indian real estate website that has made our list. Their platform has been a boon for many home buyers throughout the years.

Providing quality services has been synonymous with CommonFloor for the longest time, and during the outbreak, they too did their part to uplift Realty Sector.

7) PropTiger

One of India's biggest Realty Platforms obviously deserves its seat among the best Indian real estate websites.

PropTiger has one of the finest crafted online, and offline service models serving house buyers across India and their property services are second to none.

8) Squareyards

Squareyards has one of the largest online residential and commercial real estate platforms in the country.

They also operate on an international angle covering many cities across the globe and has satisfied over thousands of clients over the years.

9) Makaan

Makaan is another realty website that has faced off the pandemic in an epic way and stood tall beating the conventional challenges of the COVID-19 scenario.

Makaan also has a good online and offline presence that takes care of home buyers through and through. They are also said to deliver the best house hunting service in the market.

10) 360 Realtors

Last but not least, 360 Realtors are making their name heard across the country for the quality service they provide to the home buyers.

One of the country's largest realty databases, 360 Realtors are going over the edge to deliver their promise of best and verified properties for the home buyers of the country.

All these data and information are based on various sources collected and curated across the country. And we believe that these realty companies will become leaders of India's Real Estate and usher a new Digital world for us!

So folks how do you like our list of Best Indian Real Estate websites of 2020-2021?


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