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Best Coil Tattoo Machines on the Market

Tattooing has continued to grow at a steady pace, thanks to the availability of the best coil tattoo machines

By Umair FarooqPublished about a year ago 3 min read

This has been the most popular form of tattooing ever. Despite restrictions imposed by the pandemic, tattooing has continued to grow at a steady pace, thanks to the availability of the best coil tattoo machines. Many tattoo enthusiasts are now more interested in professional tattoo making because of this resurgence.

It is also not wrong to say that technological advances in rotary machines have made life easier for professional and enthusiastic tattoo artists.

The rotary machine is a more versatile and holistic option for tattoo professionals, but nothing beats the flavor of conformism. We have chosen to discuss the best coil tattoo machines and the best ways to use them.

With the tattoo industry expected to reach $1.2 billion in market value, both rotary and coil tattoo machines will play an important role in global adoption.

We will be focusing our discussion on coil tattoo machines for the moment, since we feel that the traditional coil machines can still match the creativity and skills of rotary tattoo machines. They do have some drawbacks and bottlenecks but the liner brilliance and shader brilliance far outweigh these basic limitations.

It can be difficult to find the best coil tattoo machines, especially for beginners. We have created a buying guide to help you identify the best coil tattoo machines. Before you buy the appropriate tattoo machine, here is the table of contents.

If you're looking to buy a coil tattoo machine, it is a good idea to compare the available options against the above buying guide.


Tattoo machines made of coil are not cheap. Durability is an important aspect to consider before purchasing a tattoo machine. It is recommended to purchase a best coil tattoo machines that has at least a one-year holistic warranty.


You can make choices based on the material of the frame or chassis when you buy a coil tattoo machine. If you have larger arms or want to completely eliminate vibrations, you should consider purchasing coil tattoo machines with iron and brass frames. A brass or iron coil tattoo machine can cut out vibrations, making it easier to create the best designs.

Because of their lightness and minimal skin rupturing, however, they are good choices for tattoo machines if you're just starting out.


Most coil tattoo machines are one-dimensional. You can use the same machine for shading or lining, depending on what you need. The quality of the spring is what determines the beauty of the best coil tattoo machines.

You should only consider a coil tattoo machine that is used for lining. Coil tattoo machines used for shading can be identified with longer springs. However, the tattoo artist's skill set and the tattoo process will determine the machine selection.


Coil tattoo machines weigh more than pen-style and conventional rotary machines. To ensure that you have the best tattoo machine for long tattoo sessions, make sure to test the grip size and ease of handling before investing in one.

FAQs: Best Coil Tattoo Machines

Which are the best coil tattoo machines for you?

Based on tests by professional tattoo artists, and word-of mouth reviews from customers, the Hawink Coil tattoo machine is the best single resource. Although the Dragonhawk kit is our top pick, it's still a kit and not an identical tattoo machine to the Hawink one.

Which tattoo machine is the best?

Although there are many high-end rotary tattoo machines and coils on the market, we would vote for the Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine, because it is capable of managing extended tattooing sessions seamlessly.

Which tattoo machine is more effective, the rotary or the coil?

It all depends on the tattoo artist's preferences. A rotary tattoo machine, for example, is an excellent choice if versatility is your main concern. The best coil tattoo machines are for professionals who don't care about mobility, but want to do great work.

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