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Best Activities To Do When Traveling Alone

Solitude shouldn't be scary

By Monet GrahamPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
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Oh the rush of stepping out into the great unknown! ...alone. Actually, I've heard and seen many ask online what they should do if they want to experience traveling alone. So I took some time, and did some reflection on what I enjoy about being alone, and if I were to journey overseas what activities I would want to do. So hopefully, this article give you some insight or ideas on what would work for you in your solo journey.

1) Journal!!

Yup, you read that right! Bring a journal with you on your trip so you can keep a traveling journal. This is a fun way to save memories of any special moments that may occur during your trip, and although I'll discuss of other options you can choose from later on, journaling to me is more intimate. You have full open authority to express your thoughts on events or activities you participated in. You don't have to share these thoughts with anyone!! You can if you so choose of course, but the beauty of keeping a journal is for your eyes only.

With keeping a traveling journal you also can go back and reflect on those life changing moments! Fast forward six months from your trip. You're having a rough week, things at work just doesn't seem to be working out. You have a busy personal life, and your plate just seems overly booked and you don't see a rest in sight. Your mind is running at 300 mph, and you just don't know what to do. Pull out that traveling journal!!! Go back through your adventures, the people you met, the amazing food you had. Maybe try to find a similar restaurant and re-live that experience. Take a moment and step away from the chaos and come back into yourself. What makes you happy, what makes you feel alive, what makes you feel full of live!!!! You can always go back to your day to day life later.

By Alif Caesar Rizqi Pratama on Unsplash

2) Stay at an AirBnB

I'm sure we've all at one time in our lives have stayed at a really sketchy motel/hotel room. You're uneasy going to your car because of questionable people all around. You try to relax and get some beauty sleep however, the person next to your, or above you seems to be having a party every day at 4 in the morning. Let's now put ourselves in those situations when traveling alone. You already may have some concerns about being alone, don't make it harder on yourself by being in an environment that does NOTHING for you!

I suggest you make a reservation at an cozy, cute, and well reviewed AirBnB room, house, condo etc. With this option, you have an increased level of privacy, as to enter your place you will have to use a keylock. Not everyone has access to your personal space (for example housekeepers coming in and out of your rooms whenever they please. I don't know about y'all but I love my space to be protected and limited to almost everyone!! So when traveling alone, look at AirBnB options first, so when you are out exploring you don't have to worry about if questionable people are in your space without your knowledge.

By Jason Wong on Unsplash

Along with privacy, AirBnB's also offer an extra layer of security!!! The AirBnB host normally checks in with you to make sure there are no issues. If you are staying in a condo, they normally have their own security guards already on duty, cameras, their own unique parking garages, sometimes also with cameras. Also, if you book via the AirBnB app, there is a electronic trail of where you are staying!! Better than getting off a plane or train and THEN try to find somewhere to stay and ended up at a local mom and pop owned motel. Just saying...

3) Got to a music festival

Ok, I probably wouldn't have added this one on if I did't attend my first ever real concert this past summer!! Now that I have this experience I want to share why I suggest you find one or concert or live performance while you are traveling!

So this summer I attended an Alanis Morissette concert, by myself!! And it was and still is one of the most awarding experiences of my life thus far!! I went with myself, my phone, a small hand purse, and my keys for my car that's it!! I tried to bring in some self defense items but was told they were not allowed so I ended up leaving them in my car, honestly I belive that rule is stupid! If you are going to an concert alone, and multiple people are there in groups, who is the most at risked for being attacked. But that is another article for another day, because regardless of me leaving my self defense items behind I had the best time of my life! Once I found my own spot in the grass and put my lawn chair down, I just sat, took in all the good food, the laughter of others, and the low music playing in the background. I feel like being outside made this even more special for me. But I'm getting sidetracked again so let's go back, at the very beginning of the concert I met a very energetic, fun, and welcoming group of lovely ladies from a different state. They were amazed I was there alone, and I told them that I had gotten off work, and I wanted to do something for me! So I went. They invited me to join their group for the rest of the night, and we laughed, sang, they drank I did not, and it wall an amazing life experience. I also ended up going home with one of the lady's hat! I even added her on my Facebook account. I made a friend that night!

Which is why I'm pushing attending a music festival, concert, or some kind of live performance. You will find others there that have similar interests as you, and when you return from your journey you could return with your life more full of all the new friends you've made, that you didn't even think was possible!

But, if you are more on the introvert side (which is perfectly fine!), then you may enjoy a music festival because you really don't have to talk to anyone if you don't want to. You can just sit there and vibe with some good music, or dance the night away!! But whatever you do, don't forget to journal it down. Wink..

4) Sign up for a local art making or cooking classes

These are some more activities that you don't necessarily have to be social to enjoy! It's just you and the ingredients, or just you and the paint or clay etc. You can use these activities as a way to de-stress from your every day life. However, just like most things, if you are open to a full adventure, you may also meet some pretty amazing people during these activities where you can grow new friendships as well. But at the end of the day, if you learned a new skill while on your journey, I consider it a success!

5) Stay inside your AirBnB, hotel and read a book

When you read a book, you are taking a mental trip, mental vacation if you will. So if one of the purposes for this trip you are on or planning to take is to escape from the real world, then planning days where you are just in your room, enjoying your solitude is a good option to look at. And reading a good book is a great way to do that! I will say again, this would be even better if you are staying in an AirBnB because there will be no interruptions or distractions! Imagine as you begin to reach the climax of a story and then "Knock, knock housekeeping or knock, knock maintenance".. GRRRRR!!! Nothing is more irritating to me LOL. Disclaimer, I am an extremist so when I want solitude that is exactly what I'm expecting!! Go away lol.

6) Try Vlogging!!

So if you are not already addicted to the YouTube app such as myself, you may not be familiar with what vlogging is. Vlogging is a technique that people use to document their days, vacations, or any trips they take. Now if you are not technology savvy, this may be a little difficult to get started as you will need to get used to cameras, editing software, tripods to name a few components needed to be a successful vlogger.

However, if you're looking to try vlogging for fun, using your smartphone and a free video editing app will do the trick!! Now, that you have the goal of vlogging on your plate you need to do some preparation. Which in my opinion will make your journey even more enjoyable. To get the best content for this travel vlog, research the different restaurants in the area, make sure to verify prices and create an itinerary. Also include certain attractions you want to get footage for, some examples would be a music festival, a Broadway play, hiking, rock climbing, trail walking, etc.

Alright, this is the end of my tips for the best activities to do when traveling alone. I hope you enjoyed this and maybe now have some new ideas to try on your next adventure. If you've never thought about traveling alone until reading this I want to leave you with these words.

The Best part about traveling alone, you and ONLY YOU decide what you will or will not do. So why not take a leap, and practice taking your life into your own hands.


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