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Benefits of Pomegranate for Human Face

Pomegranate juice After drinking it, the complexion becomes like a red rose

By MUHAMMAD ALAMPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Benefits of Pomegranate for Human Face
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On the authority of Hazrat Anas bin Malik, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: There is no pomegranate that does not contain the seeds of the pomegranates of Paradise." Allah has counted pomegranates among the fruits of Paradise and these benefits. which are available in heaven. Verse 99 of Surah Inam mentions the mutual similarity of grapes, olives and pomegranates and instructs them to think about it, while in verse 141 of Surah Inam, it is given to those who are entitled to buy these fruits and feed them. It is emphasized.

Iqtar Farooqi R. Qum states that pomegranate has been mentioned three times in the Holy Qur'an under the name of Maan, and three times important advice has been given to mankind. In verse 79 of Surah Rahman, Rabbani says, "This is the place where every There are kinds of fruits such as dates and pomegranates, which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny?

The botanical name of Pomegranate is (Punica Quaranatum). The famous scientist D. Cadway calls Iran the original homeland of pomegranate. Pomegranate from Iran reached Afghanistan and from there to India and through travelers from India to Africa, then its cultivation started in the Mediterranean countries, then it was planted in the warm regions of America to Chile.

Patna pomegranate is famous in India. But nowhere in Asian countries is there an example of sweet and delicious pomegranate found in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is produced in red and white flowers.

In China and Kashmir there is also Khadrovanar. It can be produced in both cold and temperate places. Its cultivation is better in deep and smooth soil. It is produced in September. The height of the pomegranate tree is at most twenty feet, its trunk is three to four feet in girth, and the skin or bark of the pomegranate is yellow or dark brown in color.

There are three major types of pomegranates, number one is sweet pomegranate, number two is sour and sweet pomegranate, three is sour pomegranate. According to modern research, sweet pomegranate is antiseptic. So they are useful for TB patients. Today, good varieties of pomegranate are grown in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Morocco and Spain.

Common pomegranates have been found to have inedible fractions ranging from 27 to 49 percent and juice from 57 percent to 71 percent. This is the ratio of chemical components in one hundred grams of pomegranate. Protein is that percent, carbohydrates 11.6%, calories 48%, sodium 1.1%, potassium 2.4%, calcium 2.9%, magnesium 3.1%, fats 1.5%, copper 7%, phosphorus 7.5%, sulfur 4.2% and chloride 52.5%.

Explaining this chemical analysis, Dr. Khalid Ghaznavi writes, “Two important things emerge from these experiments. The first is that according to a special principle of the Prophet's favorite foods and medicines, it is very low in sodium and high in potassium, the main advantage of which is that pomegranate can be given without hesitation in heart and kidney diseases.

Another important thing is that it does not contain any kind of sweetness that is harmful for diabetics, so diabetics can freely drink pomegranate juice. It is low in fat, so eating pomegranate will not damage blood vessels or increase cholesterol and is useful for weight loss.

It is narrated on the authority of Hazrat Ali that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said, "Eat the pomegranate, including its inner peel, as it revitalizes the stomach." Effective two aka works for

It is very possible that in view of this wisdom, the Prophet ﷺ has urged to eat the pomegranate including the inner peel. Jaundice sufferers should take some juice of pomegranate seeds and keep it in a clean container. Drink it in the morning after mixing it with a little Misri. Jaundice will disappear in a few days.

It is probably against this background that Taif's famous garden "Hua Pa" is famous for its heart-strengthening pomegranate and spring water. A distinguished doctor who has been living in Makkah for a long time said that when his heart patients eat Taif pomegranates, they feel good.

According to ancient doctors, pomegranate is good for heart and liver. Useful for chronic cough, jaundice and chest pain. This recipe is elixir for stomach inflammation and loss of appetite. If you keep the pomegranate juice for a while, some heavy ingredients settle down.

Sift them out, then mix a pinch of sugar and a tola of fennel in it and put it in a bottle, then keep it in the sun. Let it sit for a week and keep stirring.

Consuming three tablets of this liquid daily will lead to aphrodisiac. According to the Vedas, "Pomegranate water is detoxifying, heart-stimulating, appetite-stimulating, tonic and expectorant." Sweet pomegranate is extremely useful for the stomach and its contents.

It is effective in inflammation of the throat, inflammation of the lungs. Its extract softens the stomach. Put the sweet pomegranate flowers in a cloth and squeeze and extract the juice. Mix the same amount of Misri. After cooling, take out the syrup in a glass and keep it. Start the patient with six lozenges and go up to two lozenges.

It can also be washed away. And can be drunk with water or milk. Apart from TB, this recipe is also very useful in heart disease. Pomegranate juice provides nutrition to the body. Patients who cannot be fed for any reason are given pomegranate juice as a healthy diet to maintain their energy.

According to Indian experts, pomegranate juice is useful in children's dryness and constipation. The doctors of Bengal mix pomegranate juice with cloves, ginger and mazu and give it to patients with hemorrhoids. In malaria or chronic fevers when the patient is constantly thirsty with weakness, the juice is the best remedy.

In case of fever, drinking pomegranate juice mixed with honey along with the peel is very useful. Also, this juice cures all stomach disorders. Pomegranate juice is an elixir for chronic fever patients. Complaints of dry mouth and constant thirst are relieved by drinking pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate juice is useful in malaria or fever. A hemorrhoids patient gets relief from the disease by feeding it with finely ground ginger and cloves mixed with pomegranate juice. For correct digestion, take five tolas of pomegranate seeds, sugar, white cumin, black salt one tolas each and make a soof and use six, six mashes after meals in the afternoon and at night.

Pomegranate is widely used as a fruit because it produces subtle blood. Therefore, the use of pomegranate is extremely useful for hot tempers. It strengthens the liver and heart. In Greek medicine, the well-known compounds called syrup of pomegranate, juarish anarin and juarish po dina have been used for ages.

Dry and grind pomegranate leaves and use this poultice as a poultice to strengthen and clean teeth. Take one tola of pomegranate seeds, white cumin seeds, six mashas, six mashas of mint, six mashas of tamarind, three mashas of black pepper, salt and vinegar to taste.

This sauce is useful for respiratory patients. Pomegranate water is taken out with the peels and thickened like an ointment and applied in the upper part of the eyes, it cuts the redness from the eyes. Applying this ointment on the gums is beneficial for pyorrhea.

Pomegranate seeds are very useful in case of frequent bleeding from the skin. Pomegranate leaves water in the nose stops the bleeding. Pomegranate should not be consumed immediately after eating. Avoid tamba konoshi while eating pomegranate as it is harmful to the intestines.

It can cause appendicitis. After lunch, sprinkling salt and black pepper on pomegranate seeds and sucking its juice will digest the food. Women can become smart by drinking pomegranate juice to reduce obesity. By drinking pomegranate juice, the complexion of the face becomes like a red rose and the body also gets energy.


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