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Bedrooms' Coolest 3D Wall Decals & Stickers

by Priyanshi Khandelwal 8 months ago in house

Bring Your A-Game to Baby's Room with Nursery Wall Decals

Bedrooms' Coolest 3D Wall Decals & Stickers
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

We recently finished an article about nursery design, and it was a lot of fun! It prompted us to take a closer look at some of the current nursery decor trends, especially in the area of children's wall decor.

How nursery wall decals are incorporated into nursery decor is one of the most innovative trends.? What's the best part?

They're completely removable without damaging your walls when he outgrows the theme.

Let's take a peek at some of our favourite vinyl nursery wall decor, you can also buy them online at aliexpress sale. We chose a variety of decals for both girls and boys, as well as decals for a gender-neutral nursery, woodland animal decals, and more!

Then stay tuned as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to use nursery wall decals.

Are you ready to be inspired by some seriously adorable wall art?

Bring Your A-Game to Baby's Room with Nursery Wall Decals

1. Secret Of The Cat's Colorful World Map

Nursery wall decal with a colourful world map

It's so much fun to have a vivid and vibrant world map with lots of friendly animals! Each continent is a separate decal that can be placed anywhere you want in your room. It appears to be handpainted after it's been applied.

2. Crate & Kids' Giraffe on the Savannah Wall Decor

Savannah Wall Decor with Giraffe

In a safari-themed nursery, this striking black and white giraffe adds a lot of personality. Animal decals are one thing, but your child's imagination can run wild with the savannah in the distance and birds flying overhead!

Jungle Animals That Are Friendly

This set includes 21 decals that can be mixed and matched. Create your own menagerie with a tiger, monkey, giraffe, zebra, alligator, chameleon, and a variety of other animals and plants. Your little explorer will have a blast hanging out with them all!

4. Innovativestencils' Woodland Animals Watercolors

Animals of the Forest Watercolor paintings for the walls

What better way to decorate a baby's room than with cute woodland animals in a forest full of trees? We adore the watercolour palette because it gives them such a storybook feel. You can arrange the decals however you want to make your own cosy little hideaway.

5. RoomMates' Underwater Adventures

Adventures Under the Sea Peel and Stick Wall Decals, Multicolor, RoomMates RMK1851SCS

If your child adores the pool and can't wait to get in the tub, she may be a seafaring sort. Imagine swimming with an octopus, playing with a porpoise, and frolicking with the fishes, all while wearing these adorable undersea decals!

6. DesignStickersStore's Peony Flowers Decal

Seven different peonies are included in this collection of dramatic, ultra-feminine vinyl decals.

It's simple to get creative about where you put them if you have a knack for design. You can make an overflowing bouquet flower wall or strategically position them throughout the room. There are so many possibilities!

7. Society6's Crocodile on Rollerskates

We only wish we were as relaxed and self-assured on roller skates as this man! His vibrant colours and outgoing attitude will brighten anyone's day (and make them smile, too). This is one of our favourites when it comes to animal wall decals.

8. GESTYZ's Meteors, Planets, and Other Celestial Objects

Boys Room Decor, Outer Space Wall Decals, Star Wall Stickers, Vinyl Wall Decals for Children Baby Kids Boys Bedroom, Nursery Decor Y04 (White)

If you have a budding NASA scientist on your side, these decals will help them get started. They'll even transform the nursery into a constellation-like display on a clear night.

9. Zoomie Kids' Birch Trees, Birdies, and Deer, Oh My!

The textures and gray-on-orange contrast are stunning, and those deer are adorable! We thought these tree wall decals would be perfect for a nature-loving child's space.

10. WhiteCornerDesigns' Hand Drawn Rainbows

On a rainy day, these cheerful little rainbow wall stickers will brighten your mood. The colours are so delicate and beautiful that they'd go with almost every colour scheme.

11. GESTYZ's Sweet Dreams Moon Stars and Clouds

These decals will look great in either a boy's or a girl's space, and we're all about versatility. When your little dreamer has this lovely design to help them drift off to sleep, they'll sleep soundly.

12. vgwalldecals Personalized Typographic Art Decal

This decal's sweeping, bold look stands out, and the style has a posh feel to it. When they say customised, they really mean customised! Choose your colours and scale to complement your existing decor.

Personalize a SpaceWalk for your child's room on the wall.

In his dreams and on his wall, your little guy will float through the cosmos in comfort with his very own spaceship! During his deep-space explorations, he'll pass by planets, stars, and even a UFO.

Night Sky Constellation Personalized

Your baby's name written among the stars with this pretty constellation decal set is another great unisex choice for nursery decor. You can select your colours and measurements to suit your decor and room size once again, as this item is completely customizable.

101 Nursery Wall Decal

You might have some questions if you've never used decals to decorate your room before. Fortunately, we know the answers!

Is it Safe to Use Vinyl Decals in a Nursery?

Vinyl decals are safe to use in nurseries, but there is still the risk of off-gassing with something made of synthetic materials. Unfortunately, the majority of the products we buy, from furniture to mattresses, contain chemicals that release potentially poisonous gases into the environment.

The decals in the baby's room are small enough that they shouldn't be a problem, but if you're still worried, simply add them and let the room air out for an hour or two.

What is the best way to apply wall decals?

We could go through the process step by step here, but it's long enough to warrant its own post. However, most (if not all) decal kits provide guidance on how to apply them properly, and there are some excellent videos available online if you prefer to learn visually.

The videos break down the pieces of the decal, the equipment you'll need, and pro tips like what to do if the paper backing gets stuck.

Is it possible to easily remove wall decals?

Vinyl wall decals are simple to erase, but it will take some time and patience to keep the walls spotless. This connection will take you to a tutorial on how to remove your nursery decals the best way possible.

How Long Can Stickers Last on the Wall?

They normally remain on for months or even years, depending on the surface and climate.

A Few Extra Points to Consider When Placing Wall Decals in a Nursery Concerns – Make sure the surface of your wall is clean and smooth before applying decals. Matte paints are the most efficient. Vinyl wall decals are not appropriate for textured surfaces such as stucco, sand paints, stone, or concrete.

The Right Environment – If the room is warm, the vinyl decals will not adhere properly. In addition, the room's temperature will affect how well the decal adheres. For better performance, keep the room temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check the Lighting – Vinyl decals can fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, so position them where there isn't a lot of natural light.

It's Never Been Easier to Decorate a Baby's Nursery!

We adore the unique touch that children's wall decals add to a space, and they're especially useful for nursery decor.

When baby grows up and outgrows the cute woodland animals (gasp! noooo! ), they're simple to take out and replace with bigger-kid products. In reality, nursery wall stickers can become a long-term strategy for designing your children's wall decor as they grow older.

But here's hoping the forest animals have a long and happy life. We don't want them to mature too quickly.


Priyanshi Khandelwal

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