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Beautiful Floor Tiles For Luxury Home

by Cruso Granito PVT. LTD. 2 years ago in house
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Best Floor Tiles For Luxury Home

Finding beautiful tiles that meet the criteria for luxury, good and cheap is the biggest challenge in the design process.

Each room has specific design features as well as specific uses. Therefore, to match the overall space, a separate mosaic pattern must be selected for each room. Here are some beautiful porcelain floor tile designs to suit any area and design trends that many people love.

1. Criteria for choosing a beautiful floor tile

Tile not only enhances the aesthetics of the home but also helps to make everyday life at home easier, more convenient and cleaner. To choose a beautiful tile pattern for yourself, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

- Match tiles colours based on the colour of the wall and the overall interior of the room.

- A good tiles with a long service life is a quality tiles. Please don't skimp on tiles costs, choose poor quality tiles because it can be dangerous for your family. To distinguish a quality tiles, try applying a few drops of water to the back of the tiles if it is slow to absorb water, the tiles are standard, and vice versa.

- It would help if you chose patterns for a tiles on a gypsum and kaolin basis. The back panel should be completely white.

- When buying, touch the surface of the wood look porcelain tiles, if you hear a sound, it is stable, solid and graduated tiles.

- Pay attention to the homogeneity of the tiles. If, when laying tiles next to each other on a flat surface, they do not deform, do not have gaps, that is, the tiles comply with the standards and can be used.

2. A few tips for choosing beautiful tiles for small houses.

If the owner of the villa manages to choose the tiles models he likes in the style of the general design of the room, then the owner of houses and apartments with small areas will have headache math: How to enlarge my small room with a visual trick.

Understanding this concern, architects have highlighted several criteria for choosing beautiful tile patterns in 2020 that can extend the maximum positive area suitable for homes with colour-based area defects and tiles motives.

- Select the size of the floor tiles:

The size of the tiles is a factor when the owner wants to have a more spacious room than the actual room. Ceramic tiles 600x600, Ceramic tiles 400x400 is the best solution that creates the effect of a trap zone for small rooms.

- Choose the background tile colour:

Small houses are mostly done in neutral tones such as grey, beige, grey, so architects advise homeowners to choose bright tiles tones that can capture natural light so that the room always looks clean and bright. , more broadly. However, you should also pay attention to the colour of the furniture you plan to decorate to balance the harmonious colour scheme.

- Choose a texture

The limited area should say no to tiles motifs, intricate patterns, intricate eyes. Instead, choose a tile pattern that is smooth, simple, and light.

3. Suggest beautiful background tile patterns 2020

3.1 Floor tiles for living room only

The living room is considered the face of the family, demonstrating the class and the aesthetic taste of the owner. This is why every step of living room selection and design is family-oriented. This space allows the family to create creative and innovative designs that match the look and reflect the “artistic spirit” of the entire home.

Please note that if your family has children, use a specific rough pattern tile to reduce slipperiness and keep your child safe. tiles with too many decorative patterns should not be used in the living room, because this place is often in contact with water and causes severe wear.

3.2 Bedroom tiles

The colour and design of the bedroom directly affect the quality of sleep in the home. Practice saying no to deep-coloured tiles that make you feel drawn in, cold, and too hot and dazzling, disappointing in hot weather, is one way to create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom. But stamped wood-like tiles in warm and simple colours will be an excellent companion for you in moments of relaxation.

If you want to be unique, more innovative, instead of the typical negative side tile, don't miss the opportunity to tilt the tile. Porcelain stoneware has a light stone design combined with shades such as nude, orange-yellow, light yellow, deep brown ... they are very suitable for covering in the bedroom.

3.3 Bathroom floors

A bathroom is a place with high requirements for cleanliness and order. Therefore, architects often prefer light or dark tiles patterns, synchronized with wall tiles. Also, don't forget to add a twist to the most exciting and impressive room. For example, choose eggshell-coloured shower tiles combined with black wall tiles to create a sense of luxury and beauty.

3.4 Kitchen floors

The kitchen is a food preparation area that is often oily, so food must be continuously cleaned with chemicals. Thus, neutral and glossy tiles meet the following criteria: cleanliness, ease of cleaning and great aesthetic appearance. The beautifully tiled kitchen is not only the hub of water for cooking but also an endless source of inspiration for homemakers. So don't ignore this through your speakers when choosing your kitchen tiles. The tiles is beautiful, natural, and homemakers are inspired to create unique and delicious dishes for the whole family.

First of all, marble is a common design trend for all furniture in the family, so if you like a new one, don't miss this stylish and luxurious model.


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Cruso Granito is one of the best vitrified and porcelain tiles manufacturing company in india.Cruso Granito manufacture high quality porcelain tiles in wide range of varieties like different sizes, finishes, colors, types and etc.

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