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Amazing Mid-Century Bedroom Design Options

by tricity property 3 months ago in house
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Mid-Century Bedroom Design

Mid-Century Bedroom Design

Hope you enjoyed the blog on mid-century modern interior design style, and the mid-century living room ideas gave some good options for your designs. While we are still on the design style, let us take you through some amazing mid-century bedroom design options to create the perfect look for your personal space.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #1

A bedroom design characterized by geometric shapes, and straight lines, the contrast between the colors and patterns bring about a richness in the visual aesthetics. The velvet texture juxtaposed against the carved rattan for the table as well as the sides of the bed back create interest. Muted color tones bring out the elegance of the darker tones used for the bed back and highlighter cushions.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #2

The clean lines and luxurious textures set in a bright contrast and rich finishes make this mid-century bedroom design pleasing and relaxing. A dark yet subtle and calming color palette with warm wood toned flooring and a pop of green is a good variation to the eye. Elegant accents such as the picture frames and sleek pendant lights complete the view.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #3

A mid-century bedroom design that takes inspiration from the Scandinavian decor style, the design sees a mix of both the styles. A variety of textures and decor accents are the essence of this bedroom. The subtle contrasts of the darker shades with the white-gray tones overall create an interesting variation in the frame.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #4

Some basic minimalistic furniture with a mix of different textures and finishes for the accent pieces, the pastel yet refreshing color palette brings in dynamism and a vibrant look to this mid-century bedroom design. The sleek and simple bed frame with its soft wood tone stands out against the floor rug.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #5

Clean and crisp furniture layout, earthy textures mixed with leather for the lounge chair, a striking highlight wall and some accent pieces complete this mid-century bedroom design. Warmth is created by some soft textures such as comfy throws and cushions as well as the upholstered bed back that is one of the noteworthy elements in the space.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #6

Organic shaped sofa is the first element that catches the eye in this mid-century bedroom design. With a mix of variety of materials and textures including wood, soft upholstery, and some sleek metal, this mid-century bedroom design is a smart mix of a dual tone color palette punctuated with the occasional pop of black.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #7

Furry, comfy textures that invoke a sense of comfort and warmth, the space also has some typical mid-century elements such as floor lamps that are subtle and blend with the decor without overwhelming the space. Minimalistic layout characterises the room. The statement graphic wall art stands out with the bold choice of color against the neutral color palette.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #8

Warm and neutral color shades juxtaposed with some bright pops of color punctuating the space, this mid-century bedroom design moves a little away from the usual minimalistic approach. A mix of multiple elements brings life and action to the room. The statement plant merges the indoors with the outdoors completing the mid-century concept.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #9

A simplistic bedroom design with minimal essential furniture that optimises functionality, the accent pieces, art work, lamps, all come together to complement the decor. With large openings that bring the outdoors into the indoors, the fresh vibe transforms the look of the space. The overall neutral palette balances the bedroom design aesthetics.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design #10

Warm neutrals, some crisp furniture and accent pieces that jazz up the decor – this is the exact combination that goes into creating this perfect mid-century bedroom design. The clean upholstery that matches the wall color to balance and complement the wood tones in the space creates an aesthetically pleasing space.

Mid-Century Bedroom Design


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