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A Recreation on Printed Curtains

by Radhika Koolwal 2 months ago in house
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A handbook to mastering the art of styling drapes/curtains

Curtains have been used to create visual effects and textures in any space. They are also used for the theatrical pushovers of the curtains in the morning but that aside, curtain collections do add a lot of qualities. Be it sheer curtains near the balcony or printed curtains to complement a room with a solid decor element.

Within the plethora of categories available for curtains online, printed ones are chosen more often. So why not look at how to style printed curtains to approve your setting and make sure the prints aren’t the most piercing part in the room? The guide we have put together is more like an outline of the art of pairing prints. You are welcome to delve deeper into this and keep shaking things up with your selection of prints as you evolve.

  • The definitive print and reliable duo

This is presumably the most manageable way to mellow down or highlight the printed curtains. It is advisable to keep the material of curtain pairs the same if you want to create focus on the prints. If you have two pairs of cotton curtains, you can use the solid cotton curtains along with printed cotton curtains. Relying on the color palette of these prints, one can pick the color of the plain curtain to complete it. Positioning of the printed curtains is up to you. Nevertheless, placing them at the ends with the plain curtains in the center does give the wall a frame.

Many choose blackout curtains or room darkening cotton curtains for their private spaces like bedrooms or their home offices. Here the prints can be bold and dark. For space lying living or dining room, a lighter and softer fall of drapes and prints is preferred as it makes the space feel more welcoming and cozy.

  • Matching prints to the exterior

Whenever we have beautiful views to overlook from our room, we think of it as a reward. Which it is! This point might interest you if you are intending to go for printed curtains.

If the prints on the printed curtains match the view in some sense, it’ll make the interiors look as if it is connecting with the view. Coloring on the same, say you have a balcony set up with plants and a seating area outside, you could consider going for printed curtains that have a nature theme or match the accent color of your landscaping. This will create a visual effect of a seamless path connecting your balcony to your bedroom or living room and make the space look a little bigger.

Alternatively, you could also go for a bold print but in a more lightweight feel like linen curtains or printed sheer curtains. This will also do the exact same job. Don’t be afraid to play with the size of these prints though, you never know what might surprisingly knock out to you.

  • Making accents with accessories

We got the news, curtains have additions too, and while they might not be really hot at the point, they definitely can be part of your printed curtain choirs. According to your aesthetics, the chosen printed curtains, and the color palette, one can browse through the mixture in the category. From studded gems on metal design to pom poms and minimalistic gold bracelets- the range in curtain additions is truly unique and unknown. They give you a visual break between the prints.

  • The maximum print-on-print combination
  • Going forward with a parallel logic we use in fashion, the prints here can be combined on a few grounds. For starters, you could look at two printed curtains in identical colorways but with different sizes of prints. You could also for a traditional print paired with a everyday one in the same range of colors.

    The alternative mixture we often come across in many co-ords can be extrapolated to your curtains. Exaggerating this, if the base of one pair of curtains is yellow with white prints like our yellow star boho cotton curtain, the other should have a white base with yellow prints or if you are in the mood to really experiment, grey or black can be subtly introduced.

    Keep in mind the materials in such combinations as it is possible it might look too heavy on the eye.

    • Concentrating on the surrounding

    A curtain definitely adds character to the room and can become the star of the show. However, if you want them to be an element of a larger setting, printed cotton curtains are your perfect partner in crime. Subtle prints in neutrals or even bright prints on light flowy fabric.

    If you are planning to create a crossroad or a setting near the window, match the prints to the most typical color in the rest of the elements. With this, you create balance between curtains and the other elements. We recommend using bamboo seating's, growers of various sizes, or minimal marble side tables. They also make the space a little more functional and might just go with your aesthetics.


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