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A Planner's Paradise

by Ashley Smith 4 years ago in list
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Planning and Organizing Ideas That Will Change Your Life

Agendas Under $10 at Walmart

HI, my name is Ashley, and I am a planner.

Okay, there it is, my (not-so-secret) secret. Over the last few years, I have been on a mission to organize my life. Whether or not I have been successful in this attempt, though, is up for grabs. Life doesn't always play by the rules, as I expressed in previous articles, but I'm determined to do my best to inspire the lives of others while organizing my own. In an effort to continue this mission, I'm going to share with you some helpful planning/organizing tips, tricks, and ideas for bettering yourself and your agenda.

Write. It. Down.

While easier said than done, making notes of things, big or small, can help you recall the things that you would most likely forget. Take 5 minutes every hour or so to write out the things you’re listing in your brain. You’ll no longer have to rely solely on your memory to recall the various errands. In essence, you will feel more organized and less rushed. Now, you can free up your mind of that mental to-do list. The best part? Most planners have areas specified for notes. Even a weekly “brain dump” of everything you have swimming around in your mind can help relieve your work or home-life tensions.

Hour by Hour

Some days are sluggish, and you can find yourself looking for things to do, but others play out much quicker. Planning things out during busy seasons is critical to keeping a sound mind when things really start to “hit the fan.” My best advice for a day where you are overloaded with what seems like a million tasks is to allow yourself time beforehand to sit down and plan out your day, hour by hour. Set specific times for the tasks that are overwhelming your to-do list. Doing this will free you up to check off even the most menial projects.

Clean up.

Trust me, I know how quickly things can pile up. One of the hardest pills to swallow, though, is the fact that the more organized our workspace is, the less chaotic our situations will seem. Not only should you do your best to keep a cleanly workspace, but maintaining an organized agenda is step #1 to keeping your priorities on track. In order to do this, you’ll need to utilize the provided areas for information, birthdays, weekly goals, and to-do’s. If you find yourself cramming receipts and jotted-down to-do lists on scraps of paper into your agenda, ditch the extra papers for bullet-lists and receipts for online copies of transactions through emails.

Be a goal-getter.

From early ages, we’re told to set goals. This is easily one of the most underrated pieces of advice that we are given. Setting yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily goals is essential to motivating our work ethic and actions. When we set a goal, we visualize a dream, a hope or something that we’ve wished for. Filling out the sections specified for goals in your planner serves as a constant reminder to work towards it. Writing it down allows you to add things around it that you need to do to reach that goal. Doing this prepares you for anything you need to reach your goal smoothly.

Well, now that you know the tips and tricks that make up my (not-so-secret) secret, I hope you have been inspired to utilize the magical powers of your agenda. Whether your life is currently slow-paced, or it feels like a roller coaster that has yet to stop, I know that you have the ability to organize in a productive and wholesome manner.

Here’s to a more productive and organized you!


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Ashley Smith

Motivator on a mission, Babe on a budget.

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