A More Attractive House is 15 Minutes Away!

Quick Tips on Home Decoration

A More Attractive House is 15 Minutes Away!

Making your house more attractive than it already is doesn’t have to mean you need to hire an avant-garde Danish architect to redo the entire façade and a shawl-wearing fashionista to decorate the interior.

You can do all the decorating and redesigning completely on your own, and here’s an interesting thing – you don’t have to spend ages doing it, either.

In fact, with just a little bit of carefully placed effort, so to speak, you can turn an otherwise ordinary-looking house into an attractive place your friends and relatives will be impressed by. More importantly, a newly-remodeled house can become a place where you’ll love to come back to after a hard day at work.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can make your house more attractive in no more than 15 minutes at a time. OF course, if you were to follow all of the pieces of advice we’ve prepared for you below, it would add up to more than 15 minutes, but individually – these are walk-in-the-park types of tasks you can do fairly quickly, indeed.

Right then folks, without further ado, here’s the deal.

1) Kitchen (Optimize and Beautify Storage)

The kitchen represents a room in your house that you can't do much about in terms of customizing the sort of crucial appliances you need to make it functional.

For example, there’s a myriad of different kinds of lamps you can choose from for your bedroom, but there’s only so much variety to stoves and fridges around. (If you want quality, you’ll probably go for something stainless steel, which doesn’t give you much stylistic room to work with, so to speak.)

This is why you want to concentrate on your shelves and storage space, instead. The thing is, the shelves, as well as the various items you place on them are going to make a big part of what you see immediately when entering a kitchen. This is why it’s essential to make this part as attractive as possible if you want to make your kitchen more beautiful.

2) Bedroom (Keep It Simple)

Here’s a beautifying procedure you can complete within minutes.

The idea here is to take out of your bedroom all the items you don’t need to make the place look more spacious and neat.

Although this recipe would pretty much go for any given room, bedrooms, in particular, are prone to housing piles of dirty laundry, old magazines, and perhaps takeout food containers and beer cans. This also extends to furniture, of course.

So, whatever it is that isn’t of any immediate importance for your bedroom functionality (beds, lamps, nightstands), you might as well do away with.

3) Bathroom (Brass Pipes)

… or wooden bathroom essentials if you want to pull off a Wild West sort of arrangement.

A pretty secure way to make your bathroom more beautiful, no matter what your style of preference might be, would be to replace your old pipes with brass ones.

The functionality won’t be impacted, but the stylistic effect will be way better. (For the record, this one may be a bit of a cheat tip, because replacing your pipes may take more than 15 minutes, but it’s still a fairly simple job and doesn’t require too much of an investment.)

Here’s another thing – whatever your bathroom layout is, simply keeping the place clean will do a lot for its appearance. So, if you have some dirty tiles, get a bucket of water and a mop and start mopping. Also, if you have a more serious issue such as clogging, you’ll need a plunger and some rubber gloves. If the clogging is outside, you can always call in some Drain Cleaning Experts who can take care of it quickly and easily.

Nothing downplays your beautifying efforts as a foul stench of dead leaves and perhaps dead rodents, too, emitting from your drain.

All things considered, proper maintenance and simply taking good care of your house sure beats having a lengthy and costly renovation. With a little bit of effort, some small investments here and there, and a touch of creativity, you can make your house more beautiful than it was just a quarter of an hour ago with ease.

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