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8 Soundproofing Secrets for a Quieter Home

For many, home is a sanctuary where one retreats to at the end of the day to unwind and lick their wounds after a hard day's work. For a grown-up, whether a parent or living alone, the craving of peace and silence is a feeling second to none, mainly when worn out

By Flora MayerPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

For many, home is a sanctuary where one retreats to at the end of the day to unwind and lick their wounds after a hard day's work. For a grown-up, whether a parent or living alone, the craving of peace and silence is a feeling second to none, mainly when worn out. A kid jumping on your loins or the constant screaming and bashing of things around the house adds misery to the already existing fatigued mental state that one is in.

Other existing factors, such as the blaring noises from the cable or the heavy evening traffic, can cause disturbance and hinder one from attaining the much-elusive peace of mind. To avoid all these madness, modern construction companies have come up with various soundproofing techniques that will be worth your while. Read on.

Installation of Noise Proof Windows and Doors

Modern construction companies have come up with soundproof windows and door s that inhibit the entry of sound. One can install such depending on their individual preference. For total soundproof ability, experts advise for the installation of both back and front doors and all the windows in your house.

Use of carpets

As floor soundproofing alternatives, thick carpets commonly get used to limit the amount of noise in the room. For the most part, noise emanating from squeaky floors can be mitigated by laying a thick gauge of carpet. The other option lies in going for thickly carpeted floors instead of tiles or hardwood floors. The rugs are very effective in minimizing noise emanating from one room to the other.

Use of Solid Materials

Doors and windows typically get made from robust materials compared to hollow ones. Solid materials are known to limit the passage of sound compared to hollow ones effectively. The largest opening in a wall is the doorway, thus to enhance the soundproof ability of the room, doors typically get made either of solid wood or metal.

However, most of the sound doesn't go through the door. It goes around it. Therefore, installing a door soundproofing or weatherstrip material such as adhesive high-density foam on the door can drastically cut the sound penetration.

Cutting Down on Noise Makers

Well, this doesn't mean sending the kids over to play, although this may sound like a good idea and offer temporary relief. It merely means reducing your home appliances that seem to promote a lot of noise during their operation. Manufacturers nowadays add to their appliances the quiet feature in devices such as dishwashers. It only makes sense to invest in appliances with such features, mainly if they are to be close to your living or sleeping quarters.

Tweak Your Entertainment System

The main aim of an entertainment system is to enjoy oneself without necessarily making unwarranted noise. Such an uncomfortable situation may suffice due to poor quality speakers. Quality speakers such as Andrew Jones series creates an exciting experience since you don't have to crank up the volume to get clarity. One can still enjoy their entertainment in low doses of volume.

For the ardent sound lovers who would want to crank up the volume at the expense of the others, the option of purchasing powerful headphones would indeed come in handy.

Get Rid of Noisy Pipes

The irritating sound of rattling pipes, chattering, or loud banging noises can be unbearable once the faucets get turned on. Simple solutions such as installing water hammer arrestors will ensure that your home maintains its peaceful nature.

Heavy Curtains

Curtains are not only known to absorb dust or enhance privacy, but they can also be a good source of soundproof material. Using heavy noise absorbing curtains inside the living room area can drastically cut down on noise emanating from either inside or outside the house.

Greasing Movable Parts

A typical house setting has a lot of movable joints such as door hinges, window seals to many others. Rust caused by occasional leaking on hinges and window seals may come across as potential noise generators thus such joints must be oiled.


Noise pollution is a considerable headache that may bring about the application of soundproof measures. Such measures typically get done at home as a do-it-yourself measure. For persistent noises, it would be advisable to enlist the help of a soundproof technician tp rid your house of the persistent headache.


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