7 Ways You Can Improve Your Roof on Your Own

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7 Ways You Can Improve Your Roof on Your Own

With all the different trends when it comes to home interior design and curb improvement, it’s very easy to forget about the fact that your roof also needs occasional upgrades. However, many people take action only after the leaks have already appeared. If you want to be on the safe side and tend to your roof properly, keep on reading. The following tips present the basics of effective roof repair that you can complete without a handyman. Of course, it’s important to be realistic about your own abilities and the condition of your roof in the first place.

1. Stay Patient and Safe

As we get more snow and rainfall, it’s possible to get a roof leak as well. However, in case this happens, it’s very important that you stay calm, and not lose your temper. It’s understandable that you’d want to take care of this issue at once, but if you try to meddle on the roof while it’s still wet, you can easily hurt yourself. Therefore, the essential first roofing tip is to wait for the roof to dry in order to find the leak. Also, you should pay attention to your footwear. Rubber soled shoes can prevent you from slipping and falling. To be completely safe, you may want to use a harness and even call a friend to keep an eye on you.

2. A Hose Can Help You

In order to find the leak when the roof is dry and you’re properly equipped, use a hose and spray it all over the roof. This is definitely the most effective way to find the leak fast. However, don’t run the hose if your roof is frozen. It can be really dangerous.

3. Take Care of Possible Issues

The first common roof problem that can cause leaks is gutter buildup. Therefore, make sure to clean the gutters thoroughly. Another problem may be related to dry rot. This is even more probable if the leak problem is in the middle of your roof. If this is happening, the plywood may be damaged and rotting away. In this case, you may want to look for professional colorbond roofing services, especially if the deterioration process has gone too far.

4. Don’t Worry About the Ice

Ice buildup can be a serious issue during the winter months. In order to not worry about ice causing more leaks, you should invest in proper ice shields. Moreover, a drip edge and a proper ventilation system can effectively minimize the risk of ice ruining your roof.

5. Check the Materials

If you’re confident in your skills to fix some of the roof issues on your own, that’s great. However, even if you know how to nail the shingles, you still have to be very careful about the installation and the quality of these materials. If you don’t nail the shingles just right, this can cause leaks as well. Also, pay attention to the quality of the shingles.

6. Clean the Valleys/Ridges

A valley or a ridge is the place where two roofs come together and because of this particular position, water buildup is quite common in this area. Therefore, it’s essential that you regularly clean up this area and inspect it every once in a while. This can help you avoid leaks altogether.

7. Take Things Slowly

Sometimes, it simply happens that the leak is not an isolated problem. If there are several places on your roof that need repairs, don’t try to cover them all at once. Focus on one leak at the time. Therefore, once you find the first leak, take the time to mend it first, and only then start checking other areas of the roof.

Roof repairs are not as simple as they may seem at first. Therefore, don’t get discouraged or stressed if the repair process takes longer than you thought it would. As mentioned, take things slowly and steadily, and try not to lose your patience since hastiness can only cause more damage and problems, and even an accident.

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