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7 steps that can Lead you to an Affordable yet Memorable Tour

Travel cheaper with affordable flights and cheap accommodation with these 7 tips that can give you an exotic tour experience at half the normal price.

By DavidsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Travelling is the best hobby, after a tiring semester an exotic trip to America is the best decision. But if you don’t want to be heavy on your pocket, get the following tips rolling and enjoy your trips on less than half of your budget:

1. Pre-plan the trip: Spontaneous plans are always the best if you have a heavy bank balance and free travelling sources, but if you want to travel on a budget, you have to plan beforehand to make sure you get low priced hotels and accommodations. Last minute airplane tickets and hotel bookings are extra expensive and if you’re pre-booking a hotel, it doesn’t mean you’ll get a bad room, you just pay lesser for the same room someone is paying 2x higher for. It’s smart thinking only.

2. Travel off-season: The peak seasons are usually summer and winter vacations when students get their university and school breaks, but hotels and Airplane Company’s stretch out their prices a little too much because it’s their earning season. A smart approach to this should be travelling in off-season times like February-march or august-October. Prices are pretty much affordable and it’s highly likely you can get a room anywhere you want, unlike in seasonal time. Hotels and popular tourist site put their essay service on the test to attract customers in off-seasons.

3. Affordable accommodation: Sharing a room leaves a lesser price per person than booking a whole suite for you. Look up at websites like Air BnB and VRBO to find cheap yet luxury living experiences in international countries. You can explore the city in less than the actual price. You can also rent a room in someone’s apartment

4. Book flights in advance: Airlines update about their schedules a year before, booking flights a month or two before can enable you to save some cents; you can spend the money once you start your tour. Weekday flights are less expensive than weekend flights and sometimes weekend seats are full. Book economy class, everyone knows how cool the business class lounge looks and the services there are on the next level, but if you compromise here, you can spend freely once you arrive on memorable things. Try to keep hand carriers to avoid excessive luggage holding costs.

5. Pack properly: Your trip can easily get delayed, you should be careful enough to pack some extra clothes to make sure you don’t pay out unnecessarily and spend your money on souvenirs and useful stuff. Pack some off-season clothes too because it takes a second to change the weather. And you don’t want to ruin your trip anyway. Keep stylish and comfy clothes to take pictures and make good memories, avoid taking uneasy boots.

6. Try to use local transport once you arrive: Subway is much cheaper than renting cars or booking an Uber. Save up your money in these expenses and try to make it useful.

7. Spend smartly: It’s not necessary to dine out every day. There are convenience stores and supermarkets too that sell hygienic and good quality food. Don’t spend way too much on expensive restaurants and food. You can also cook ramen or frozen food in the attached kitchen of your house. Try to be smart in making your trip affordable and memorable.

Tour travel companies:

Another way to do affordable travelling is through joining agencies of tour travels that plan everything in advance. They give you a whole line up of the places, hotels, stays, pull-ups, historic sightseeing, and many more; they plan the whole trip and take groups of people with them. There are about 100-200 people travelling together so you will not get bored. This is a plus point if you have to travel alone. The best thing about joining a tour travel group is that they have guides from the country you’re visiting and they take you to every historic site and important place that holds value there. It helps you to save costs, brings you company and makes your trip extra memorable.


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