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6 Ways to Make Your Garage More Secure.

For anyone, a garage is a place for storing some of your prized and valuable items. Most people will store tools like drills, saws, or similar items along with their car

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
6 Ways to Make Your Garage More Secure.
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For anyone,a garage is a place for storing some of your prized and valuable items.Most people will store tools like drills, saws or similar items along with their car or motorbikes in the garage.Since garages are usually detached from the house, they become vulnerable to thefts.If anyone wants to keep him home secure, the garage needs to be well protected.

It is quite possible that a burglar is keeping a watch on your garage and is looking for the right time to break in and steal your valuables. He might be confident about it because from experience he knows that generally people don't protect their garages in an effective manner. We surely do not want to prove him right.

A lot of people think that the jewellery they were gifted by their parents at the wedding is the only target for the thieves and make elaborate arrangements about protecting it.Not many pay much attention to the leaf blowers and drills in the garage. But by virtue of being vulnerable and having a considerable number of valuables stored inside them, garages could be the main target of your neighbourhood burglar.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the ways which can secure your garage from theft.

1. Effective Lighting : Darkness is the friend of professional thieves and light is their enemy. Someone trying to steal from you will try to take advantage of the dark for sure.Therefore, proper high voltage lighting of your garage is a must so that anyone trying to break in feels insecure. Motion-activated lights around the garage could be an effective deterrent.It will be difficult for anybody to make use of shadows if such measures are in place.

Lighting also helps you and your family to navigate safely around the garage in late hours without fear of any mishap.

2. Proper locking : Lock the doors. Seems obvious? Yeah but a lot of thefts are reported in which the owner of the garage was careless in locking the doors of the garage or because the lock was very old and faulty. With regards to this, in today's time one can opt for installing automatic garage door locks which work on sensors. So as soon as you leave your tools behind, they will be locked and safe. If you are planning to move to Sydney garage doors is quite easy because of easy availability of manufacturers and installers.

3. Keep the good stuff hidden : Never keep your valuables lying around in your garage. Always try to place the smaller items in a place where it is difficult for the burglar to find it. A small cupboard in a dark corner could do the trick. Remember thieves are under pressure when they are stealing. It's very much likely they won't go deep digging.

4. Update the opener : If your garage door opener is old and outdated, it will not be difficult for anyone trying to steal. Burglars can hack your garage opener by first getting hold of the radio transmitter code that your remote uses to open the door. Technology used by rolling code openers could help you in tackling any potential thefts.

5. Install security cameras : This again is a no brainer but not many people sign up easily for this unless they have a brand new shining car parked in the garage.

7. The Home Door : The door that connects your garage to your home should be strong and ideally have the most up to date lock system installed. While securing the garage, we cannot compromise the security of the main house.

It is always better to be careful than feel sorry about the spilt milk later.


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