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6 Ways Comfortable Clothes Can Improve Work Productivity

by Alex 15 days ago in clothing

Employees are much more likely to have a negative perception of a business with a strict dress code, according to a 2017 study. Now that workplaces are reopening post-quarantine, this statistic will most likely increase.

Employees are much more likely to have a negative perception of a business with a strict dress code, according to a 2017 study. Now that workplaces are reopening post-quarantine, this statistic will most likely increase.

People have become more and more aware that clothes affect their mindset. This isn't just a gut feeling either; studies show the benefits of wearing comfortable clothes to work. Our clothes influence our confidence, focus, and relationships.

So how can you use your wardrobe to boost your productivity and success? Read on to understand the 6 ways comfortable clothes impact your mentality and how it works.

Casual vs. Comfortable: An Important Distinction

Business owners often worry that a loose dress code will cultivate a lazy workplace because it blurs the line between work and home. They don't want their employees to be too relaxed at work.

This is a valid concern, but how does that make sense when studies have shown the opposite?

It's important to remember that there is a difference between casual and comfortable, or careless and confident. If a business has a relaxed dress code, employees should still put effort into their appearance to increase their motivation and creativity. The key is to dress for how you want to feel, not to dress like you just rolled out of bed.

Six Ways Comfortable Clothes Improve Your Work

So what happens when you dress to feel your best? Here are six reasons why you should wear comfy clothes to work.

Increase Movement

Even if you work at a desk, freedom of movement is essential for productivity. One of the best ways to improve brain function is to take movement breaks throughout the day because it increases blood flow and stimulates the mind.

For this reason, wear clothes that allow you to move around your workplace, even if that means just taking a walk around the office. A little movement goes a long way.

Decrease Distractions

If your jacket grates on your skin or your heels blister your feet, you'll find yourself distracted by unnecessary pain.

Comfortable clothing quickly reduces distractions. Why wear painful clothing when there are so many new ways to dress professionally?

Trade itchy professionalism with more sleek, minimalist, and functional looks. Replace your heels with KicksCrew Converse or replace stiff work pants with streamlined joggers. Athleisure can easily be dressed up with statement jewelry like necklaces and watches, so try something new and you may surprise yourself.

Enhance Focus

Staying focused has become more challenging during the pandemic due to increased stress and lethargy. The last thing you want to do is carry this stress back to your workspace.

This is where the distinction between casual and comfortable is most important. You don't want to dress in the same clothes you wore while lounging around the house in quarantine, but you do want to maintain some level of comfort.

Nice clothes made of soft fabrics and pleasing colors can go a long way. A good outfit can put you in the right mentality to stay on task.

Boost Confidence

When you dress to impress without sacrificing comfort, you maximize your work potential and build confidence in your abilities. Don't be scared to dress for the part and add your own personal twist. When you dress for how you want to feel, you're more likely to believe in yourself while showcasing your individuality.

Building confidence is a difficult task for many people, so be intentional in every way you can. Creating confidence from clothing is an easy mental hack.

Influence Perception

Your confidence, your focus, and your productivity will send a message to those around you. Research shows that people can easily judge others by their clothing, so take advantage of your first impressions.

We all have a very quick and subtle process for evaluating others, and psychologists call this thin slicing. You can think of it as intuition: sometimes we know things at first glance but we can't explain why. That's because our mind unconsciously picks up thin slices of information.

When coworkers or clients see you, their minds will make quick judgments before you even introduce yourself. This isn't a bad thing so long as you try to present your truest self. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, people will probably sense it as soon as you walk in the room.

Build Trust

When you dress for your job and radiate confidence, your coworkers and clients are more likely to trust you to get the job done. You do this by prioritizing your comfort and mentality each morning when you get dressed.

Notice how all these benefits are connected: comfortable clothing gives you freedom of movement and eliminates distractions, which increases your focus. When you increase your focus and feel comfortable in your self-expression, you perform better and build confidence. When you build confidence, other people see it.

To inspire confidence in others, you need to feel confident in yourself first. It sounds cliché, but probably because we all know it's true.

Get to Work

Begin brainstorming all the ways you can incorporate more comfortable clothes into your work outfits. Dress up a t-shirt and sneakers with tucking and layering, all the while prioritizing soft fabrics. Invest in high-quality shoes, incorporate jeans, or search for style inspiration online!

A great place for outfit inspo is our Styled community. Scroll through the Styled community for comfortable work outfit inspiration and build your professional dream closet.



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