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6 Most Spectacular Flowers For Hanging Baskets

Flowers For Hanging Baskets

By Arzoo ChaudharyPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Hanging baskets filled with magnificent flowers furnish a unique, enticing view to your garden. Selecting the best blossoms for a hanging basket is a tough job. However, here we bring you the most spectacular flowers for baskets suspended in the air.


This flower is among the best blossoms to flourish in hanging baskets. There are 35 various species of petunias around the globe. The significant variation itself is the highlighting feature of this plant. It generates single or double blooms in multiple sizes and shapes. These flowers come in various textures and colors. Ground cover, Grandiflora, Surfinia, and Cascadia are the best categories of petunia to flourish in suspended baskets. These flowers should be planted in a location with an ample amount of light. Watering petunias once a week is enough. They frequently bloom throughout the summer. On blooming, the vibrant petunia flower spreads sweet aroma in the air. A great option for ordering through online flower delivery in Gurgaon.

Sweet Asylum:

This flower is a yearly blooming plant that generates small bundles of marvelous flowers. The tiny sweet alyssum blossoms come in pink, white, violet, red, purple, or yellow colors. They are also among the delightfully fragrant flowers around the globe. It flourished well in rock gardens, borders, hanging baskets, and containers. The plant grew best in well-drained soil. Once the seeds are planted, hang the basket where it will obtain full Sunshine as it is essential for the growth of the plant, and should also be well hydrated during dry weather. The small bundles of gorgeous, tiny blossoms will appear throughout summer. The sweet-smelling and magnificent flowers are ideal for making bouquets and perfect if you are looking for online flowers delivery in mumbai.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine:

This is a perpetual climbing plant that flourishes around 8 feet in length. On flourishing, the plant generates tubular blossoms with five petals with a unique black spot. The petals come in red, orange, red-orange, bright yellow, and white colors. This plant flourishes as a flamboyant plant in gardens. It thrives well in hanging baskets and various kinds of containers. Firstly, the basket needs to be filled with well-drained soil, then plant the cutting. Finally, attach the basket in a place where there is uninterrupted Sunshine. Periodic watering is essential during the flourishing season, as they frequently bloom from summer to fall.


Clematis is a famous ascending vine that generates classy flowers of purple, red, yellow, blue, and white. There are around 300 varieties of this plant around the globe. A few species of this plant flourish 20 feet in height. This dynamic ascender is also great for a hanging basket flowering plant. The miss Bateman, barbara jackman, and bee’s jubilee are the three main varieties of this plant that are suited well for large containers or hanging baskets with the basket hanging in a bright, sunny spot. The periodic watering is also essential for the hearty growth of this plant.


These plants are among the best hanging basket flowers around the globe. There are numerous varieties of these plants to pick for your garden. You can discover the flowers in single and dual-tone colors in various sizes and shapes. On blooming utterly, the radiant fuchsia flowers hang down from the basket, making it a fantastic sight to behold. These plants should be planted in moist soil. For healthy growth, the fuchsia plant prefers cooler temperatures. Fertilization every fortnight is essential for this plant. The blooming time of fuschia varies, depending on the species and climate. Under usual circumstances, it flourished from March to April.


Geraniums are famous bedding flowers that come in various shapes and sizes. The single or double flowers of this plant come in blue, pink, orange, white, purple, and red colors, and are usually planted in hanging baskets. It also flourishes best in borders and beds. The best season is spring to plant geranium plants. First, get the basket filled with well-drained soil, then plant the cuttings. Then hang the basket where the plant obtains full and bright sunlight. Fertilization is essential during the growth of this plant. The flourishing season varies between the species which a florist in Hyderabad will explain to you in detail. However, most of these plants blossom throughout the fall.


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