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6 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Top Condition

by George Swagger 2 years ago in house

Keep your household in good shape.

Buying a home, or building one, can be considered as one of the most prevalent decisions that you make in your lifetime. Not only this, but it can also be one of the biggest purchases you make. Thereby, it is just but proper to ensure that you maintain your home to be in its top condition for a relatively long time.

Perform a regular check on your roof

The most visible damages in your home are often seen on the roof. This is because the roof of your home is often subject to extreme weather conditions such as the summer heat or heavy winter snow. It is a good thing if the general contractor who built your home also offers roof maintenance services as part of their extended customer service. More often than not, this is necessary especially for places that experience all four seasons such as in New York. The home builders Rochester NY subcontractors work with often take into consideration the changing seasons in building the homes of their clients by using only the most suitable roofing materials for a specific vicinity. Nevertheless, it is important to perform routine maintenance checks on your roof because roof problems often go unnoticed unless it already blows into a bigger issue.

Monitor your walls from unnecessary moisture

Regularly perform maintenance checks on your walls and feel your wall for excess moisture causing it to be damp. You need to treat a damp wall immediately because this is considered as a serious problem. This is because the moisture on your walls can get through even on the hairline cracks, weakening the foundation of your home. Oftentimes, the cause of the dampness can be attributed to outside factors, as well as the pipework of your house. However, the root cause is often identified based on the location of where the excess moisture or dampness is noticed. For instance, a damp patch near the ceiling can be an indication of a leak on the roof or a wet patch on top of a wall can be attributed to a leaking gutter. It is important that the root cause of the dampness is treated immediately once it is detected to prevent further damages to your home.

Prevent leaks by checking your water pipes

It is a good practice to check your water pipes from time to time and inspect any leaks. This is to be able to prevent a bigger problem due to water leaks such as flooding or even bursting pipes. Apart from checking your pipes, make sure that they are also clean and in a healthy state, which is free from clogs or blockages. Check whether the water and fluids go down your drain immediately without any problems because a slow fluid movement is an indication of a clog or blockage. Try running hot water in your kitchen sink to ensure that oil deposits are not solidified, causing a blockage. In the toilet, ensure that only human waste and toilet paper are only flushed to ensure that your water pipes are not clogged by foreign materials. It is best to seek the help of professional plumbers at the first sign of any leak or blockage in your water pipes.

Repaint your woodworks

Another tip in keeping your home in its top condition is maintaining the woodworks of your house. This entails the need for you to repaint your window and door frames even at least once every couple of years. Apart from looking incredible, a newly repainted window or door frame is resistant to dampness and moisture. Apart from the woodworks, also ensure that any damage in your windows and doors is immediately repaired before the problem becomes worse. For instance, if you have already noticed a crack in the glass of your window, address it immediately either through a glass repair service, or have it replaced entirely. This is also true for your doors and other entry and exit points.

Maintain your filters

It is also imperative to maintain your filters to ensure that your home is in its top condition. Change HVAC filters once every couple of months because this is where allergens and dust mites often originate. It is also important to clean your range hood filters using a degreaser with hot water. By ensuring that your filters are cleaned or replaced, you are not only maintaining your home in its top shape, but you are also keeping your family away from viruses that might cause ailments and diseases. Apart from this, your air conditioning unit will work more efficiently in keeping a stable home temperature with a clean filter.

Ensure cleanliness

Finally, ensuring that your home is clean and free from mess and clutter is the most basic way of keeping your home well-maintained. This is because with a clean home, you will be able to notice the first indications of damages that may call for an immediate repair. A damp wall or a leaking pipe is more apparent if there is no clutter hindering the view. Aside from this, a spic and span home rarely experience major damages because everything is cleaned and monitored on a timely basis. Vacuum your refrigerator coils and clean out your pantry to ensure that unwanted bugs and insects that may damage your home are nonexistent. Apart from cleaning your home, take some time to test your smoke detectors or even your garage door auto-reverse if these are functioning properly. You may even want to flush rarely used toilets regularly. General cleaning of your home once every couple of months proves to be an effective way of ensuring that your home is in its top shape.

To wrap things up, buying or building your home can be considered as a milestone in your life because it can be one of the biggest purchases you make. Therefore, it is imperative that you employ the necessary measures to see to it that it is maintained and kept in its top condition. This will ensure that you are secured from costly repairs or necessary renovations down the line.

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