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5 Ways to Make Money Online

The Realistic Way

By Leanne SmithPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

It isn't a lie when I say prices go up but wages remain the same, we could all use a few extra coins in our pockets. There are many ways to earn extra money especially online with thousands of websites claiming you can earn money by doing simple tasks, so I have dug through some of these ways for the most realistic ones that will earn you some extra cash.

1. Selling on Ebay.

Sometimes the biggest profits are right in front of you, in the basement or attic. Maybe it is a pair of shoes you brought for an occasion but where forgotten in the box with tags or a old Dinky toy you brought from a boot fair because of the name.

Well the most realistic and quickest way to earn money online is by selling your unwanted items on eBay, someone's trash is another man's treasure after-all. You could also have a go at a eBay store and find your niche in the market, although you will need to make sure you have the right licences as it will be classed as a professional business.

2. Surveys sites.

Survey sites are a good way to make extra money online if you don't mind it taking a while to do, most survey sites are passive income sites meaning they will only pay £3 to £5 per survey or 10 points per survey with you can then payout to a paypal account. With Survey sites make sure you read reviews and terms and conditions as they could be a scam or don't payout at all despite people's time to complete the surveys.

Here are some survey sites to check out:

- Swagbucks

- YouGov

-Oh my Dosh

- Onepoll

- Toluna

3. Sell your handmade items.

If your more on the creative side and love to make and design things then why not have a go at selling some handmade items, people love handmade products because of the uniqueness. Find your niche, maybe it is selling homemade coasters or T-shirts with your designs and sell at craft fairs and online with websites such as Etsy.

4. No-Risk Betting

Of course this is gambling so please gamble responsibly, matched betting is a no risk betting technique used to guarantee a winning profit using free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers and betting sites, it is based on mathematical equations rather than luck and changes which is why it is considered "risk-free."

5. Become a freelancer writer.

I mean right now you are using a website based off of freelance writing, it can be a slow endeavour but it does pay off eventually if you give it time and some hard work. Find a niche or reason why you choose to write about certain things (Like mine is Music, experiences and Horror) and do research, make sure your articles are original or have links to resources and credits if needed to build an audience.

Bonus - Play games to earn PayPal money

There are apps out there that encourage you to play games to earn points by the minute that can be redeemed for PayPal money, of course you still have to be careful where you give your details and who to.

Some Play games for cash apps:

- App Flame

- HQ trivia (live trivia game consisting of 12 questions to win a cash prize, two games a day)

- Mistplay

- Woosh - (Like HQ)

- AppLike

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