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5 Tips for Preparing a Delicious Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee has become more popular, and for good reason

By McKenzie JonesPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Cold brew coffee has become more popular, and for good reason. It's a great way to cool down and savor coffee during the hot summer months. In order to make a refreshing cold brew, consider these five suggestions:

Guidelines for Making a Delectable Cold Brew

Use high-quality coffee beans

The flavor of your cold brew depends heavily on the caliber of the coffee beans you use. Choose a high-quality, freshly roasted coffee that you enjoy. Ideally, the beans should be roasted specifically for cold brew, as they will have a smoother, less bitter taste. While Kona coffee is well-known for its exceptional flavor, there are many other varieties of high-quality coffee beans available that can provide a rich and satisfying coffee experience.

Use the right ratio of coffee to water.

The success of your cold brew depends on how much coffee to water you use. A good starting point is to use one-part coffee to four parts water, and you can adjust this ratio based on your taste preferences.

Grind the coffee beans correctly.

How you grind your coffee beans will also affect the taste of your cold brew. For best results, use a coarse grind setting on your coffee grinder, allowing the coffee to steep properly and resulting in a smoother taste.

Steep the coffee for the right amount of time.

Your personal tastes and the potency of the coffee beans you choose will determine how long you should steep the coffee. Your coffee should steep for at least 12 hours and no more than 24 hours. By doing so, the coffee will have time to properly absorb the water's flavor and become infused with its own.

Serve it cold, and enjoy

Once your cold brew is ready, strain it into a container and store it in the refrigerator. When you're ready to enjoy it, pour it over ice and add any additional flavorings or milk as desired.

Storing Your Cold Brew: Tips for Keeping Your Brew Fresh and Tasty for Longer

Use airtight containers

It's best to keep your cold brew in containers that seal tightly to keep air out and preserve the coffee's flavor. You may use anything from mason jars to pitchers or any other sealed container to store your food.


Cold brew coffee should always be stored in the refrigerator, as it can quickly spoil at room temperature. The ideal temperature for storing cold brew coffee is 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don't store it for too long.

It's best to drink cold brew coffee within 7-10 days after making it. After this period, the coffee will lose its flavor and freshness. Therefore, making small batches of cold brew coffee is best per your requirement.

Don't add ice to the storage container.

Adding ice to your cold brew storage container can cause the coffee to become diluted and watery. Instead, store the cold brew concentrate in a separate container and add ice when you drink it.

Avoid exposure to light.

Light can also affect the taste of cold brew coffee, so storing it in a dark place, such as the back of your refrigerator, is best.

The Benefits of Cold Brew: Why It's a Great Option for Health-Conscious Coffee Lovers

Lower acidity

Cold brew coffee is less acidic than traditional hot brewed coffee, making it a great option for people with acid reflux, heartburn, or other digestive issues. Because of the reduced acidity, there is less of a chance that your tooth enamel may erode or get stained.

Reduced bitterness

The slow and steady extraction of flavors in cold brew coffee results in a smoother and less acidic taste, making it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts. The long brewing process, which takes 12-24 hours, reduces the bitterness and produces a sweeter and mellower flavor profile.

Higher caffeine content

The caffeine content of cold brew coffee is higher than that of conventional hot brew. The longer brewing time allows more caffeine to be extracted from the beans, making it a great option for those needing a caffeine boost.

Better nutrient retention

Cold brew coffee retains more of the beneficial compounds found in coffee, such as antioxidants and polyphenols, than hot brewed coffee. These compounds have been linked to several health benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved brain function, and a lower risk of chronic diseases.


Following these tips, you can prepare a delicious cold brew that will impress you. Experiment with different types of coffee beans, ratios, and steeping times to find the perfect blend for your taste preferences. And then, sit back and enjoy that cold brew coffee.


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