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5 Sites Where You Can Teach Others Online

by Tracy Stine 5 months ago in how to

Looking for extra money, this side hustle offers good pay and a flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle.

5 Sites Where You Can Teach Others Online
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Looking for ways to make more money but your current job doesn't allow much time for a second job? Get a job teaching others what you already know?

You can teach pretty much anything - the skills you use at work everyday (management, productivity, technology), a musical instrument you play, a hobby you enjoy, another language you are fluent in, or just teaching English to new speakers.

There are many benefits in teaching others online:

  • You can set your own Schedule (very few availability requirements).
  • You can set your own Prices (for most of these places).
  • Many do not require a teaching certificate (some require higher education and/or qualification tests).
  • Can be done on-line, in your home, at the student’s home, or in a public spot (library, coffee shop, or other safe space).
  • Many have their own teaching platform, so there's no need for a Zoom or Skype account.
  • Few (if any) additional expenses needed. These sites are free to create an account.
  • Teach any way you’re comfortable with and create your own lesson curriculum.
  • Sites track schedules, invoices, and payments for you - just show up and teach.

Here are 5 sites to teach online and how they work:

1. Wyzant

Wyzant has over 300 subjects available to teach anyone, and have over 65,000 tutors to choose from. It's free to sign up and the approval process varies by what subject you want to teach, for some subjects, you need to complete a brief proficiency quiz, and for others, you’ll need to submit your written qualifications.

You can set your own schedule and have the option to either teach online in the Wyzant virtual platform, in your or the student's home, or in a public place. You can set your own hourly price and Wyzant charges a 25% service fee from this (unless you refer your students to Wyzant, then you retain 100% of your earnings from those referrals).

Payments are sent by direct deposit and can choose from express deposit which is sent in five days or less, or regularly scheduled to be deposited on the 1st and 15th of each month (if you have students).

2. TakeLessons

Almost any subject can be taught on TakeLessons such as academic courses, music lessons, singing, exercise, hobbies, and a variety of languages. You can set your own hours and prices, teach several subjects, and set the class length. You can choose to teach local students or on their online classroom platform.

TakeLessons charges a service fee for students (who have already paid) depending on how many lessons they have taken.

For each student taught you make:

  • 1 to 5 lessons - 60% of your hourly fee
  • 6 to 10 lessons - 70% of your hourly fee
  • 11 - 15 lessons - 80% of your hourly fee
  • 16 and up - 90% of your hourly fee

For example, you charge $20 an hour per lesson. You receive a new student - the first five lessons with that student you will make $12 an hour. The next five lessons with them you make $14 an hour. Lessons 11 to 15 you'll make $16 an hour. Then finally all lessons after that you will earn $18 an hour.

They do offer an option where you book your own students through them and they only handle the billing and payments - the fee then is only 7.9% of the lesson cost.

You get paid every week (usually Thursdays) directly to your bank account.

3. Preply

Preply is a teaching platform that tutors can teach academic subjects, but the majority of their tutors teach foreign languages.

You can set your own hours, prices, and provide your own lesson plans. They have a large teaching toolkit available for tutors to work with including a lesson planner and teaching platform.

They offer tutors a variety of webinars and self-paced lessons on how to set up your profile, marketing, teaching online, and many more lessons to help boost your business.

You get paid through the payment platform you chose (Payoneer, Paypal, or Skrill) after your lesson has been confirmed by the student. All first lessons with new students are free and you don't get paid for that. Preply's service fees are 67% for the next 5 lessons with that student and decreases until after 400 hours with that student down to 18%.

4. SuperProf

Superprof is a global tutoring company that offers tutoring in over 1000 subjects - academics, music, language, art, sports, and more.

You simply set up your profile and rates and display your ad. Everything is handled over the platform's message service. Superprof does not have a classroom platform, so online teaching will be through the video platform of your choice - Zoom, Skype, Google, or Meets, but payments are handled through the Superprof site. They charge a 10% commission fee off your hourly rate.

They also offer a premium pass that gives you your ads shown higher up in searches, zero commission fees, option to offer the first class free or not, and personalized tips and suggestions to help boost your business. This is free for 30 days then $29 on a monthly basis, or $9 a month paid in full for a year (a $108 payment).

5. iTalki

iTalki is for learning languages, so if you speak more than one language “natively” or at advanced levels, you can teach them all here. They offer over 75+ languages including several sign languages.

There are two types of “teachers” here:

  • Professional: If you have teaching experience or training you can choose this option. They will require you to upload documents proving your experience and training.
  • Community: If you just know another language skillfully, you can teach in a casual, informal teaching and practice session.

You can offer your own prices, several time durations, and a“trial” lesson. After you're established, you then can offer “on demand” tutoring.

You teach on Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other video platform. iTalki takes care of the scheduling and billing and their fee is 15% of your lesson fee. You are paid in “iTalki Credits” which can be used to pay for your own language lessons from a tutor on this site, or requested for withdrawal. Payments are made within 10 days after the 1st and the 15th of the month (depending on when your request was made). They have several payment options (with their own fees) such as Check, Payment platforms, or Bank Payment (through Payoneer).

There are many more tutoring sites available out there to sign up at, but I chose these 5 because they have sign language as an option where I can teach.

If you're unsure how to be a good online teacher, this book is a great learning resource to check out.

If you don't want to pay commission fees, you can start up your own tutoring business with an easy business page from Google and a Facebook Page and tell everyone in your network.

Online tutoring is a very flexible side job to have to make extra money, especially during these times when many people are staying home.

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Tracy Stine
Tracy Stine
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