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5 Signs You Have Already Been Confident Enough With Yourself

They're not that difficult to follow.

By Ruby AstariPublished about a year ago 2 min read
5 Signs You Have Already Been Confident Enough With Yourself
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

How do you know that you have been confident enough? Do you have to possess certain skills to avoid insecurity? Does this mean you have never said the wrong things in public? Do you always do everything right and appear flawless before their eyes?

Nope, those are not the signs. Here are five (5) signs that you have already been confident enough with yourself:

1. You no longer need to seek attention and validation from other people.

Okay, it’s nice to get attention from other people once in a while. Especially if there are many of them who give you that and flood you with compliments. Don’t they make you feel important? Of course, especially if this keeps on happening to you.

If you’re already confident enough, then you may not need any of that so much – not even all the time. So, stop begging for attention. If they choose to notice you, then good. If not, you’re still alright.

2. You’re not afraid if once in a while you look ugly, fail, or make mistakes.

Hate the guts of the people who are much feistier than you are, even though they are obviously in the wrong? Well, this doesn’t apply to the confident ones. According to them, making mistakes is human. It’s a learning process in life, so that people can grow and evolve.

Their focus is on how to improve themselves, instead of bitching to those who criticize them. Just have pity over those who feel that mistakes are something fearful they must avoid or hide, instead of something to be fixed.

3. With the same understanding as no.2, you also won’t put others down.

If you think humiliating other people who make mistakes in public will make you look great and confident, you’re sadly mistaken. Especially when it seems that you badly need eye-witnesses to see how right you are and how wrong they are.

Those already confident enough no longer need to compare themselves to others in order to make themselves feel better. For them, that competition is not even worth it. Even if they have to compete against something or someone, they usually prefer competing against their old selves – their own ego, to be exact. For example: stop comparing yourself to other people.

4. You don’t need to always win every argument and you don’t feel overly sensitive when criticized.

Despite the validity of your argument and that is proven right (along with the relevant research data), you don’t feel the need to be approved by other people – especially those already adamant about their own opinions.

If they choose to believe you, then it’s good. If not, it’s not your loss. At least you have already said what you want to say. There are still many people out there with better common sense.

5. Not only willing to do self-correction, you feel more relaxed when laughing at your own shortcomings.

Some may say that it’s best to laugh at your own shortcomings instead of letting someone else do that to you. This is different from putting yourself down. Really.

They may also say that if you can find something to laugh about from the silly mistakes you’ve made or you are making now, your sense of humour’s pretty good. That’s not the only thing. You’ve accepted the fact that you’re not perfect, yet you can still be happy with yourself.

Can you really be this confident? Try.



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