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5 Places Where You can Install Wood Design Tiles

by Syed Hussain about a month ago in house
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Wood design tiles are suitable to install in any house room.

Wood Design Tiles

Wood design tiles are now in trend. Its elegance and classiness make it suitable to install in any house room, which is why it is one of the most sought-after tiles today. Another benefit of wood design tiles is that they align perfectly well with each other. There are no thick grout lines in between the tiles which makes them merge seamlessly and gives a unified look.

You may be wondering where can you install these tiles. Will it fit well in the kitchen? Or the balcony or your bedroom? Where you want to install them is something totally up to you. However, we want to suggest five places where you can consider installing wood design tiles.


Kitchen floors get exposed to oil, grease, and other types of food or spices used in the kitchen. Why should you choose to wood design tiles for this room, you might ask? Well, they are super easy to clean. You can sweep off that grease or dirt with a standard mop or a broom. The reason for this is because these tiles are coated with porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Depending on your requirements, you can go for a smooth surface or choose a textured design that has a better grip.

Living Room

Looking for a cost-effective solution that looks fashionable? Wood design tiles are suitable for you. You can choose from a wide range of colors and grains of wood. These tiles are preferred in areas of the house where the traffic is usually high, and living room is the best place as per that preference. It is important to consider the color of other furniture and walls of your room. For instance, if you have furniture of dark colors, choose a light wooden textile design so that it complements the room decor.

Patio or Balcony

If you think wood tiles are only suitable for indoors, you couldn’t be more wrong. Try experimenting them outdoors. Don’t shy away from laying these ceramic tiles and give your patio or balcony a modern, elegant look. Plus, if you have an outdoor bar at your place, you can even use these tiles to wrap the sides of the bar.

The wood look would absolutely get with the outdoor setting and nature. If you find yourself confused about which colors to choose, then look around to draw inspiration from nature around your home.


Which room in the house gets exposed to moisture and drips other than the bathrooms? Well, just how ceramic tiles could be used in the kitchen since they are easy to clean, you can use them in bathrooms for the same purpose. Depending on your other furniture, you can choose warm colors or even go for light colors like grey or white,. If you have white marble furniture, wooden color or even light color will go well.

Laundry Room

The mudroom and laundry room are two places in the house where most dirt and dust get accumulated. These tiles are apt for laundry rooms because of their durability and also as they are way too easy to clean. You can even extend these tiles to an entry area or hallway. You can keep extending the flooring from one room to the next. Again, the choice of colors are up to you. If you want the room to give off a cool vibe, go for light colors. If you want the room to give off a warmer vibe, go for darker shades.


Now you know where all can you install wood design tiles and take your home decor one level higher. So, consider these suggestions and think of where you want to install them!


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