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5 Easy to Start Passive Income Ideas (2022)

by Aesthetic Writer 8 months ago in list
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This article delves deep into the easy to start passive income ideas for this year

5 Easy to Start Passive Income Ideas (2022)
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Today we are going to talk about some easy to start passive income ideas that can generate revenue streams for you in the year 2022. Since, these will be easy to start for everyone and hence you will have a fierce competition in these fields but as a side hustle I would definitely recommend them. So, without any further adieu here are the skills that I think would benefit you.

1. Starting your own blog

By Thought Catalog on Unsplash

This one is one such skill that I am currently doing because of which you are seeing this article. This niche is one I really love to do for a personal reason which is that I love typing and I type at a decent 80 WPM. Also, on a serious note, I like to put my thoughts out and that's exactly what you should do too.

For example, I love to study about skills / oppurtunities that can make me money which I later share with you guys using this portal. Basically, find a niche that you know a thing or two about or are passionate about, then study about it a little do quick google scan of some article that are related to your niche. And you can use a lot of writing portals for this, I specifically write on and medium you can choose whatever you like might as well start your blogging website.

Talking about the earning potential, after gathering a decent enough audience that relates to your content you can do a lot to monetize them. I already made a article about that you can check out that here: 3 Ways for Monetization

2. Crypto Staking

By Tezos on Unsplash

Don't worry I am not talking about some get quick rich scheme here. We all know how banks work. They take money from us in the promise of giving us interest over our deposit and they in return give that money as a loan with a higher interest. Similarly, when you put your cryptocurrency out for lending it can get you higher returns. Also, to perform a blockchain transaction there is a fee (in form of crypto) is required to execute that transaction that upon happening mines currency depending on the network.

If you look over the internet you can find a list of platforms that can help you lend your cryptocurrency in return for interest as well as the appreciation of that particular currency. But keep in mind that the market is volatile so choose wisely.

If you wanna buy in the crypto dip, you can check out this platform: WazirX , a leading crypto exchange platform. Trading using this link will help the channel out. Take Care!! [Not Paid Promotion]

3. Creating an Ebook

By freestocks on Unsplash

This is one of those things that you need to do only once and can keep on getting the rewards of. If you have an expertise in a field or you like a field then I would suggest you research about that put that learnings in your word. You can found a topic that no ones' talking about and can make a 100 page ebook about it and publish on Amazon Kindle Store using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.

Also, there is always a chance that your ebook goes viral and you might get to retire early in life. But let's be real, it doesn't happen to everyone and it is a big deal.

4. Making Online Course

By Sigmund on Unsplash

After the pandemic, every school and college have shifted to the online world and all the degrees people had initially enrolled on have become just some online courses. Now, is the perfect time to generate a good catalogue of a particular niche that you're interested in and make a systematic course on.

You can always share your course on Udemy. I, myself, have made a course on Canva Mastery and you can check that out (self-plug). But the point is that I have a decent couple of bucks coming from it, as purely passive income.

Source: Canva Mastery - by me :)

5. Start a Business

By Charles Forerunner on Unsplash

When I say start a business I don't aim for you to make a Million Dollar company. All I am asking is you to do is find a product or service that you can provide and slowly after its growth try to make it automated. There are a lot of businesses that can become automated wherein they only required the employees to do what they have been always been doing these types of businesses will help you generate a great amount of passive income.

In my personal opinion, the only way to create "wealth" only businesses can help you get that. Striving for huge money and striving for a life where you are doing what you love while earning decent enough is different things but you should only do the one that makes you happy because in the end you only have one life and if you don't what makes you happy then what's the point.

Before you leave the article and hop on to another one, I just want to Thank You for reading this and if it brought even a slight value in your life, please consider following the account for more such informative posts, it’s free.


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