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4 SmartWatch Features That Can Improve Your Everyday Life

A simple way to improve your wellbeing

By Victoria KurichenkoPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Image credit: Alvan Nee via Unsplash

A smartwatch has a wide range of functionality that can keep track of your health and make your everyday life more convenient.

If you still consider a smartwatch as a fancy arm accessory, it is the right time to explore its powerful potential and improve your wellbeing.

1. Switch Your Music Playlist With Your Smartwatch

It must be one of the most popular smartwatch functions, yet I want to share my opinion as an active user.

Whenever I commute to work, go to a grocery shop, or travel somewhere, I put on my headset and dive into my own reality. I do not notice people around and disregard external noise. Such a mental state helps me to relax and talk to the inner self.

Switch music with a smartwatch. Image courtesy of the author

My phone and the smartwatch are wirelessly connected, so I can easily control my playlist with a watch. Why is it so important, you might think? Here are few reasons to list:

  • In the cold wintertime, I easily control the volume and switch playlist with a smartwatch without taking out my phone from a pocket or a bag.
  • The same applies if I do not want my phone to be stolen, I keep it in my bag while controlling everything with a smartwatch.
  • I do not have to interrupt my workout.

2. Read and Reply to All Notifications

Are you the type of person who checks phone notifications every minute? Are you anxiously waiting for the new notifications all the time? I do. ✋There is nothing important in most cases, but I keep my phone close to my workplace and glance at it from time to time.

In “Deep Work,” Cal Newport explains the human brain gives the highest level of priority to the small interruptions because we perceive them as “something that can’t be delayed.” If we delay checking our phones or emails, it can cause anxiety or a mental disorder.

Moreover, it is difficult to focus on other tasks if the brain continuously reminds of a new email or a message.

“What we choose to focus on and what we choose to ignore define the quality of our life.“ — Cal Newport.

I solved this problem with a smartwatch. Since it is connected to my phone, I instantly receive all notifications to my watch. My phone can be far from me, but I am not stressed to miss notifications any longer.

Get and send messages from the wrist. Source

3. Workout Alerts for Office Nerds

Let’s take people with a 9–5 life. They wake up, commute to work, and sit most of the day. Someone might attend gyms after work, but the majority don't have a mood to do so.

Why am I telling this? I also have a 9 to 5 office life. I am sometimes in a mood to go and exercise after work, but I often find other, so-called “more important duties.

While I am busy with multiple tasks, my smartwatch controls my daily activity and signals whenever I am inactive for more than an hour.

Notification from my watch when I am inactive. Image courtesy of the author

I stand, stretch, do short exercises, move my eyes away from the monitor and walk around the room for a few minutes.

An inactivity tracker is one of the most useful functions for people with limited daily activity. If you do not move enough within a day, let your smartwatch control your movements. It can be more than just an accessory for an arm.

4. Control and Fulfill Daily Activity Norm

Physical activity is essential for the body.

Humans are created to hunt, move, and live an active life. However, we have significantly evolved in the past centuries. We changed habits, environment, and lifestyle, but the body functions remain the same as thousands of years ago.

Scientists say daily physical activity helps to prevent aging and preserves body cells.

People want to live a long and happy life, but we do not always have time, energy, or mood to do anything for our health. Humans are lazy creatures; we need to develop habits and perform certain activities daily to achieve our goals.

My smartwatch helps me to develop a habit of walking and reach at least 6000 steps a day. The recommended daily norm is 10000 steps, which is around 8 km or an hour and 40 minutes walk.

Activity tracking with a smartwatch. Image source

The smartwatch automatically detects walking activity and starts counting my steps. For those individuals who are not actively involved in sport but aware of its importance, a smartwatch could be a handy tool to reach daily steps target.


The best smartwatch is the one you use!

It can be much more than a fancy device. It can be your music player that holds your favorite songs.

It can be your organizer that stores much more data than any notebook. You can read, write, and reply to important messages.

It can also be your health coach that tracks your daily activity and makes sure you move enough to keep your body fit.


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