3 New Ways to Go Green on a Budget

by Alexa Whitney about a year ago in product review

You can be plastic-free, non-toxic, and SAVE money?

3 New Ways to Go Green on a Budget

We’re in a time where our Instagram feeds are teeming with ads for beautifully-designed, less harmful products. All it takes is an excited tap on a few of these posts to realize that you have to have a celebrity income for most of them.

My first instinct, when I see a pretty, expensive, product, is to see what it’s made of and find an affordable option. What I’ve found is that you can save money AND feel cleaner just by switching to a few of these things:

1. Deodorant:

Truly, this is the biggest going-green monster to tackle. I’ve tried Tom’s, DIY coconut deodorant, and pretty much every organic brand at my local grocery store. While I have been using a natural deodorant for a long time now, its something I have to apply more often and I feel like I go through them SO fast. But I’ve found my holy grail of deodorant, and it’s called... Nuud.

I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this. The packaging is very plastic-like, but is made entirely of biodegradable sugar cane and one application lasts 3-7 days (through going to the gym and showers). How long it lasts depends on if you’ve detoxed from aluminum deodorants. I’m not scientist, but it sounds like they use silver to naturally fight bacteria in your arm pits? However the natural ingredients work, it’s so so effective. I’ve tested it after working out and I’ve never had to apply it before the seven day mark. I’m someone who has bad stress sweat at work.

You truly only need a pea sized amount. This product initially has the consistency of a thick sunscreen, but goes dry and clear once you’ve patted it in. It doesn’t feel or smell like you’re wearing anything. I’m obsessed.

When it comes to price, this cute little tube lasts incredibly long. I bought a tiny sample tube before Christmas and it’s lasted me over three months now! If you aren’t used to a natural deodorant, Google “armpit detox.” I think it involves using a mud mask on your pits. Glamorous.

2. Laundry Detergent/Dish Washing Soap:

Okay. I’ve seen all kinds of non-toxic, won’t hurt the coral reefs detergent and soaps, but the packaging is usually plastic.

Dropps are a FRACTION of the price of tide pods, are mailed in a compostable box. They're very plastic-like, little membranes break down in water to all-natural, safe components.


These guys come in all kinds of scents as well as scent-free for those of you with sensitive skin.

I can’t speak to the dish washing detergent yet, but if it’s as effective as the laundry pods, I can’t wait to try it!

3. Re-Usuable Cotton Rounds/Makeup-Removing Cloth:

I go through cotton rounds (and that long tube of plastic they come in) like crazy. The Korean beauty wave has me facial-toner addicted.

As far as cotton rounds, you can buy verrrry cheap packs of washable re-useable rounds online that come with a little laundry bag. That way you can toss them in with the rest of your laundry.

This pack is as low as four dollars on Etsy! Though, there are more minimal-looking ones for double that price. Either way, considering how often many of us repurchase disposable cotton pads, this will still save you moola, while creating less waste.

Something that has been honestly life-changing for me is the MAKEUP-REMOVING CLOTHS. You might have heard of the makeup eraser. There are cheaper, identical, options on Amazon. The soft microfiber doesn’t tug at your skin or mess with your skin’s natural pH. It mildly exfoliates, and you aren’t continuously throwing away plastic containers from fancy face washes.

These are three easy things you can do to save money and the planet (small steps) at the same time. I plan on writing another story as I find better and cheaper options for other things that we can all feel good about using.

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