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26 Most Important Things People Learn Late In Life and Wish They Could Have Learned Them Earlier

by Sharad Gupta 6 months ago in list

We learn things as we grow in life but sometimes we fell we must have learned these things much earlier in our life.

26 Most Important Things People Learn Late In Life and Wish They Could Have Learned Them Earlier
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Learning is a process that never ends whatever your age is. While we live our life we learn a lot of things.

Learning is majorly divided into two phases one is academic and another is life.

What we learn in life is not taught in academics and what we learn in academics does not necessarily help us to survive.

Academic learning is just for the sake of the degree we want to possess to prove our worth.

We cannot entirely depend upon academic learning when it comes to survival because academics don’t teach us the measures of survival.

However, the biggest drawback in our life is, we don’t learn things on time.

For example, when we need to take a decision at a particular time, we delay it and then for the whole life we keep thinking that “if I had....”

This is the way we live our lives and that is not a surprising thing as most of the population does the same mistake.

Do you know what is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?

Successful people learn their lesson right on time and unsuccessful people don’t.

1. Scared to imagine

Imagination blossoms only in childhood (too bad). Once we start growing up we almost forget the power of imagination because we are taught the imaginations are illusions and of no use.

Only during old age, we realize that it was a mistake to have lost touch with such a beautiful power.

2. Dream not matter others

You keep on sharing your dreams with others to which some respond, some show (false) support, and some even neglect.

So to sum it up, no one is really bothered about your dreams except you. (Yes, not even family members) Your dreams are to be fulfilled by you only.

If you want support to can convince the person by portraying the dream as a project or task.

3. Friends are relevant

Once upon a time you never lived without sharing everything with friends but as paths changes, friends get engaged in their own lives and no one cares what other friend is doing.

There will be some dry contacts through social media but there is nothing that comes from their heart.

Sometimes you will find friends when you are on top but when you need them most they will vanish.

4. Potential increases with age

Fact is opposite to the thought process as people must be more creative as age grows because of the knowledge and the experience they gain.

But it is common thinking that with age, potential decreases.

You are born in such a way that you can enhance your capabilities with experience and knowledge.

5. Spontaneity and creativity go hand in hand

We all remember how spontaneous we were at a young age but over a period of time, we lose it.

In fact, we forget to be spontaneous because characteristics never go away but people tend to forget how to react.

We get duller with our age and in the process, we kill our creativity too.

6. You forget the value of touch later on

The things we enjoyed in childhood can be enjoyed the whole life but we tend to depress an urge of playing in the rain or wandering around our favorite places.

We miss all the good moments in life as we start to grow. No one has told us to stop the things we enjoy but we decide against them.

Till the time we discover the same enjoyment still exists, we are through more than half of our lives.

7. Most people don’t do what they love

People get so much involved in earning money that they often forget what they used to love a child.

Getting out of our childhood mindset is a great mistake but no one feels so and that is an unfortunate thing we do.

Doing the things you love gives great satisfaction but no money mostly hence a lot of people keep their passion away in terms of earning money.

8. Many stop reading after college

Reading is the most powerful thing in life as it not only gives you knowledge but also makes you wise enough to live with.

The learning you get from reading is impeccable and unparalleled but most people stop reading immediately after college.

They just learn to do a job and earn money and in the quest, they lose their capabilities.

9. People talk more than they listen

In the modern age, what all people do is talk, talk, and talk.

Now think if all are talking and no one is listening then how life will balance itself?

Consider in a seminar all people talk together then what level of chaos will be created there.

People have completely out of this quality of listening and just want to push themselves ahead.

10. Creativity takes practice

We all love to praise creativity but we are done with doing one on our own.

The only thing we know is someone else is creative then what about your creativity?

Where have you lost it since childhood?

This is a serious matter to think over because we all might remember how we tried making different things from sand when we visited the seashore.

11. Success is a relative term

What success is to one might not be the same for another person. Success depends on your goals and accomplishments but seldom have we enjoyed it.

The definition of success differs from person to person and every individual needs to identify his goal to taste the success. Without goal or target success means nothing.

12. You can’t change your parents

This is an eternal truth of life. Your parents can be good to you or they may not be able to understand you, the scenario cannot change.

In case you dream of something which your parents cannot consume then you can only hope that your parents understand you and support you morally if not traditionally.

13. Only you are answerable to yourself

You don’t have to be under impression that it is your responsibility to make the world happy.

It is the opposite way, in reality; you need to be responsible to make happy yourself.

If you are happy you can see the world positively and make others, please. You have to face yourself whatever others think of you.

14. Self-creation satisfies more than anything

When you do something passionately, be it a very small thing, it makes you happier than anything else.

This is because it is your creation and you did it with the bottom of your heart.

Things might go out of your hands if you do not take some precious moments in your life and at a later stage, you will feel sorry for it.

15. Your potential depends on self-belief

If you cannot measure yourself in terms of capabilities then there is no use of your potential.

Often such potentials remain buried because people feel happy doing work for others.

Had they acknowledged their potential they would have done wonders.

16. Everyone who doubts you will always come back around

Those who criticized you will come back to you in the later stage of life.

The people who turned down to you will watch your success and sometimes they would need your help.

We do not realize this early in life and thus make many enemies due to hatred and rude behavior.

If you be nice in all situations you would get the benefit for a lifetime.

17. You behave like people around you

We all are human beings and depend on each other. Any individual cannot create himself and neither has he created others.

Everyone is unique in his own sense but due to the habit of doing what others do, we all behave similarly.

So there won’t be any difference between you and the people around you. Towards the end, we found this mistake we make.

18. Beliefs are relative to what you pursue

If you are up to something there would not be any right or wrong thing to do.

What works for you, you can follow that and make your path clear of hurdles.

Beliefs do relate to your thoughts as wrong and right are relative terms because it depends on the situation one is in.

19. Anything can be bad

Know what you want to achieve and work accordingly. Always understand your weak and strong points and try to keep the bad ones out of life.

As you grow older, the line between good and bad, right or wrong becomes illegible and it can vanish if you don’t have your own line drawn.

20. Maintain identity

People always make mistakes to live in other’s shadows whether good or bad.

This blindness is not realized till there is something pushing you to come out of that shadow.

At a young age, we follow teachers and later we try to follow successful people blindly.

We never wish to come out of our comfort zone and dare to do something of our choice.

21. Not being present

We often forget to live in present due to our goals and dreams.

In an attempt to achieve something in the future we tend to dip ourselves so deep that we forget the world around us.

We also start participating in rat-race with others knowingly or unknowingly. We forget to enjoy the present.

22. Settle for less

Most of us do the mistake of being happy in less.

This temporary security might help but in long term, you regret doing it in later stages.

Often people think “If I have not to settle for this less I would have achieved bigger” But it’s too late by then and it is irrecoverable.

23. Delaying or changing the decisions

What people fear most is uncertainty in life and tend to avoid a different path or start something new because they don’t wish to embrace change.

It leads to them becoming in the safe zone and loss of valuable experience they would regret later.

You would be missing a great future because you are wary of it.

24. Getting priorities right

We will always do one common mistake of taking people for granted.

Our parents and siblings are usual to us and we never think of their importance.

Instead, we will spend more time with our newly formed friends as we like to spend time with them and enjoy. Adapting to wrong priorities will always make you feel ashamed later in life.

25. Staying in a sore relationship

People give importance to wrong relationships at the wrong time but they never understand this till it is too late.

Getting involved in a sore relationship gives nothing but sadness but the person does not realize it which is unfortunate.

26. Caring too much about people’s opinions

People are so influenced under others opinion that they will never think what is their mind is saying.

You care so much about other people that they are even ready to sacrifice their goals and wishes.

You need not give much importance to others’ opinions because in your hard time’s none of your advisers are going to support you.

It is your life so you have to take care of it.

There are many things we should know well in time and if it does not happen we will always keep blaming ourselves in the rest of the life.

People would not bother what is going in your life but they would unnecessarily keep on intervening in your life, some even enjoy your failures.

Apart from the above points, there are several things which are considered to be important not to ignore.

To live without regret is harder to accept in reality. There are many things which we can avoid understanding late.

It is not at all anyone’s fault to realize the mistake but it is all fate as the lessons are learned only after misfortune occurs.


Sharad Gupta

I am a passionate writer.

My interest include fashion, relationship, health , life , make money, dating , digital marketing , education , career, parenting , Investment and many more .

My aim is Read , Write and Help.

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