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20 Ways to Chill Out Properly

by Sophia Mayfield 4 years ago in how to
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Feeling stressed? This is how to relax and let the good vibes roll.

1) Take a bath.

Fill up the tub with some hot water and pour in some bubbles. Pretend you are in a hot tub or act like Santa. Either way I promise you that you will start to de-stress!

2) Listen to some music.

I know that I cannot make it through the day without jamming to some good songs. Plug your phone into a speaker and blast it as loud as possible. Who cares if you break your speakers, just create some live karaoke in your room.

3) Journal

I personally love writing but if you do not you can still journal. Write down how your day was, how you are feeling or what you want for the future. Your mind will drift away from all of that stress and it will just focus on your thoughts you are putting down with the pen.

4) Netflix

Grab some popcorn (not me though I hate popcorn, contrary to popular opinion) and a warm blanket and hop onto the couch. Pick a new series you have been wanting to watch and just sit there for hours. Watch that documentary you always thought looked interesting but never wanted to take the time to watch.

5) Take a drive.

I guarantee this will take your mind off of your troubles. Play some music, roll the windows down (if it's not freezing) and just drive. Still focus on the road though.

6) Turn off your phone.

Shut it off, that is definitely causing you unneeded distractions. I promise staying off Instagram and Snapchat for an hour will not kill you, it will let you unwind. Focus on yourself.

7) Dance

Turn up the music and start twirling around. You should always start your day with a dance party.

8) Take a nap.

I am always down for a good nap. Naps can change your whole mood. You can get your mind off of things and just dream for a little bit. Just make sure you wake up and do not sleep till the weekend.

9) Read something.

Whether it is a novel, magazine or a book of poems, open your mind and open a book. Even six minutes of reading can be enough to lower stress levels. Reading is actually one of the top ways to lose your stress.

10) Call Someone you love.

Call your grandma or your best friend. Just talking to them can help your tension. Talk to them about what is going on or ask them how they are doing. Stress hormones will drop and comfort hormones will raise.

11) Watch the sunset.

Who doesn't love a good sunset. They are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully. We need to notice life's tiny wonders like sunsets. The world is full of remarkable works of nature and magical things.

12) Bake a cake.

You'll have food and you'll have fun. This is an enjoyable outlet to get rid of the stress and who doesn't love cake?

13) Meditate

If you want to focus and quiet your mind do this. Pay attention to yourself in the moment and not to your thoughts. Just breathe.

14) Snuggle a furry friend.

If you have a dog this probably works best. If you do not have a dog, snuggle your cat. If you do not have a dog or cat, find one or settle for a fuzzy stuffed animal.

15) Color a picture.

You are never too old to color. They even make adult coloring books. Go dig out your Crayolas and makes some art.

16) Read the Bible.

It is very calming to find verses in the bible that relate to your life and put you at ease. Scribble down some thoughts by them or highlight them.

17) Search for quotes.

This is one of my favorite things to do. Create a notebook full of quotes you find on Tumblr or just on the internet. You can go back through them when you are needing some inspiration and motivation.

18) Go do something kind.

Go pay for someone's meal or buy your mom some flowers. It will feel good to boost another person's mood. Who doesn't love to see someone smile?

19) Stare at the clouds.

Who knows what you can find looking up there. Your imagination is endless.

20) Take some deep breaths everything will work out.

Do not stress about the things you can not change or the things you have no control over. Hop aboard the no stress express. It doesn't match your outfit anyways.

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