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12 Ways to Personalize Your Living Room

Here are a few ideas for making your living space your own

By Lizzie HowardPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
12 Ways to Personalize Your Living Room
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Personalization is a big thing for most people when it comes to their homes. After all, why else would so many people take on home improvement and renovation projects? Sure, some of those projects are about functionality, but many of them are about making a home work best for the owners. That same impulse extends to things like decorating your living room. If you’re feeling a bit stymied by the process, though, keep reading for 12 ways you can personalize your living room.


Photos are one of the simplest ways you can personalize your living room. Frames are inexpensive, easy to find, and many include options for hanging them afterward. Plus, you can even find photo printers at reasonable prices to turn those digital memories into physical ones.


For the more ambitious, you can personalize your living room by painting it your favorite color. If you feel like your favorite color might be a bit too much for a whole room, paint an accent wall.


A lot of people have collections. For some, it’s unique figurines, and for others, it’s vinyl albums or comic books. Your living room can become a great place to display some of those items. Because the collection is all about you, the display makes the space more personal.

Personal Crafts

Do you engage in crafting of some kind? Assuming your crafting isn’t all-consuming in terms of space, your living room can become a kind of gallery for your crafts. It works for everything from small woodworking projects to pottery and candles.

New Fixtures

Fixtures in homes are often basic and bland. After all, they’re just there to literally shed light. You can spruce up your living room with more exciting fixtures and express your personal style at the same time.


For those who don’t have collections or personal crafts, that doesn’t mean you can’t still at a bit of artistic flair to your living room. Consider buying a large art piece that you enjoy and hanging that on a prominent wall.

Window Treatments

Much like lighting fixtures, curtains and drapes often get overlooked as part of the decorating process. Yet, there are a lot of different styles and patterns you can pick from. As long they go with the rest of the space, go crazy.


Plants are often tricky in homes with pets. Cats and dogs are allergic to a lot of things and aren’t always smart enough not to eat them. If you don’t have pets or your pets aren’t inclined to eat houseplants, those are a nice way to add a splash of nature to your living room.

Personalized Items

You can take personalization up a level by getting literally personalized items. A couple of options include pillows with your family picture printed on them or a personalized name blanket. Another option is something like a custom picture book that highlights family adventures or especially memorable moments from your personal travels.

Statement-Piece Furniture

If decorating around standard furniture with personal items doesn’t get it done for you, consider statement-piece furniture. These pieces of furniture aren’t always one-of-kind, but they are always very different from standard-issue designs.


Few things make more of a statement about who you are than the books you read. That makes a bookcase or two in your living room a very personal statement. It tells people all about what interests you.


Much like colors or books, people like very different kinds of scents. Making a point of using scent infusers or scented candles that give off scents you like takes living room personalization up a notch.


Personalizing your living room isn’t a cookie-cutter process because the things that people like vary so much. The advice to hang art can mean very different things to different people. For you, that may mean a landscape painting, while someone else might gravitate to an abstract art piece that’s broken up across three canvases. The crucial point to remember is that the decorations should reflect you, not the latest decorating or fashion trends. If you focus your efforts and attention on the things that you care about, you’ll end up with a living room that is both comfortable and personal.


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