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12 Different Ways To Design Your House With Floating Shelves

by Ironic Racks 10 months ago in house

Here, are the 12 great ways to transform your ordinary home look to new with the helping of our floating wall shelves.

Floating shelves are one of the most creative artworks of interior designing and they just seem to work anywhere. They're often great option if you need a bit more storage or if you want to add some creativity to your room. As they come in many styles and sizes, they're extremely versatile. Floating shelves are very tough even if their support is not visible. They appear to be floating on the wall with no framework. The strength of the shelves depends on how they are mounted on to the wall. They can maintain high weight capacities when mounted on wall bars. They are otherwise known as wall mounted shelf racks modern wall.

Here are 12 different ways you can use floating shelves:..

Above your television set

Add some floating shelves above your TV to catchup attention. In this design the TV fades into the background. Adding color-coded books to these shelves is a good idea to attract the eyes away from the TV.

Floating shelves in your kitchen

Add a few shelves between your existing kitchen cabinets. Here you can display your prettiest dishes and glasses, and simply shuffle them depending on the time of year or season.

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As magazine rack

Narrow shelves are used to display books like a magazine rack. This will work well if you have a lot of coffee table books to showcase. It will be a great way to display your framed artwork as well as family photos.

Designer piece

Shelves which are displayed on the wall can actually look like artwork. Here, the rustic, restored wood shelves are used to showcase decor, houseplants and accessories. When they are arranged, they manage to stand in for a large piece of art. They can be found in shelves for living room online India.

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Laundry room storage

The laundry room is a great spot to add shelves. You can also increase your storage space with a couple of extra floating shelves and quickly elevate the design as well as facilities of your laundry room with our hanging towel racks.

As book shelves

Held in a row, we can actually use floating shelves in place of a bookcase. If all of the books are similar in size, you can hang the shelves in a pattern manner. We can also fix them as wall channel rack racks. However, floating shelves would also allow you to design the space between each shelf to keep books of all different sizes.

As kids storage area

These floating wall shelves would make a great expansion to a modern kid’s room. They can do double-duty as both a spot to store books, as well as a place to display entertainment decor. Hang the shelves higher if you want to make sure your kids don't reach the shelves or make it low depending on your requirement. They can be also used as adjustable display rack.

In bathrooms

Floating shelves can be very useful for people who have a small bathroom. If you lack storage in your sink, or just need more space, add shelves to your bathroom walls to manage the overflow of things such as soaps, shampoo bottles etc.

For your living room

If you have some space at the end of your hallway, consider adding some floating shelves. Add chunky and wooden shelves as they are solely decorative, but they can update or design an area of the home which would have been empty.

For your library

Floating shelves can also be a great addition to use in the corner of a room. As you're using shelves rather than a bookcase, you have flexibility to organize them exactly as you like to work with your open space.

As room color pop area

You can use wall shelves to add a splash of color to a room. You can use different color shelves matching to your wall color to add some visual attention on your wall. They are designed in such a way for manufacture's multipurpose use.

In living rooms

Using shelves in the empty spots of the living room but also keeps things tucked away. The flexibility of the shelves also allows the homeowner to do many things rather than a standard bookshelf.


You can also use brackets specially designed for your wall mounted shelf racks, making them attractive to the eye. You can also build your own hollow shelf and then slip it right on to a rigid cleat. Lastly, there's the alternative of using figure-eight rods to hold your shelf up on the wall.

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