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10 Ways to Eliminate Chaos in Your House

Keeping a house clean and orderly is not easy.

By Flora MayerPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Your house is one of the few places where you can relax and dictate everything. When you lose that control, your house becomes unbearable, and you no longer feel at home. It is easy to lose control, especially when you don't have a system of organizing your house.

Cleaning a house that is not well organized is very difficult. If the situation is not properly handled, you may find yourself living under unhygienic conditions. There are tons of other reasons why you should strive to keep your house in order.

Below we have a list of ten tips to help you keep your house clean and organized effortlessly.

1. Allow more natural light and air into your home

Draw your curtains and open your windows regularly during the day. Natural light makes your house look more appealing. It also allows you to see where the mess is cleared. This motivates you to always keep your house clean. The constant flow of air into your home prevents stuffy air from accumulating in your house.

2. Clean your laundry regularly

Cleaning your laundry regularly prevents a pile-up. When dirty clothes pile up, it takes a lot of time and energy to clean. A lot of time will also be used to sort the clothes out. To make things easier, everyone in your house can have their own laundry baskets where they keep their clothes. It becomes easier to sort out clothes when they dry.

3. Instruct your children to pick up their toys after playing with them

One typical problem homes with children face is toys littering the floor. Not only does this leave your house with a lot of disorder, but it is also dangerous for you and your children. Instruct your children to always pick up their toys when they are finished playing with them. This teaches them to take responsibility for their things at a young age.

4. Build shed storage

One of the best ways of creating more space is by building a shed where you can store all the extra stuff. Building shed storage is a very easy and affordable way of managing space. Always ensure that you organize the shed to create more storage space.

5. Think long term when you buy things

Before buying anything, always think of its value. Buy stuff that will be used more than once or they have more than one use. Over time, you will find yourself having everything you need while conserving space and maintaining order.

6. Store things with similar functions together

It is difficult to locate things in a house that has no order. Keeping things that have similar functions together makes their retrieval easy. Always ensure that you return them where you found them so that it becomes easier to find them when you need them again.

7. Keep things that are regularly used close

Things that you use daily should be kept close, allowing you to retrieve them quickly without leaving a mess. Not everything can be kept close. Some are personal or are not commonly used. Storing things according to their importance not only makes things easier but also ensures order.

8. Dispose of what you no longer need

You don't need over 50% of things that eat up your space. To save on space, you can hold a yard sale and sell off what you don't need. Make some money while keeping your house orderly. Apart from selling, you can donate or give away what you don't use.

9. Make a shopping list when you go shopping

While shopping, most people find themselves buying what they don't need. Always make a shopping list of items that you need most. By doing this, you save a lot of money and space in your house.

10. Install shelves

Do you need more space? Have you thought about shelves? Installing shelves is one of the best ways of creating more space. Things stored on shelves can be easily retrieved when they are needed. It is also easier to clean a house with shelves.


Keeping a house clean and orderly is not easy. You need to create habits that encourage you to remain organized. Most of the above tips are easy to adopt and execute. You are encouraged to adopt one or several of the above tips to ensure that your house remains clean and organized.


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