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10 Things That Are Better Purchased Online and Why

Save the Hassle of Shopping In Person

By Sasha McGregorPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Brick and mortar stores are still necessary. Browsing in a bookstore or being fitted for cowboy boots are still things that need to be done in person. However, many items are easier and cheaper to purchase online

1. Mattresses

A fairly new online purchasing option is mattresses. Remember the old days when you visited a department store where rows of beds were set up? Lying on a mattress in public while fully clothed is no way no way to judge how comfortable it will be to actually sleep on.

Now, online mattress companies provide excellent descriptions of the types they have to offer. When you choose one, it will arrive rolled up in a box. Think about how much easier that is than tying a mattress to the roof of your car and then hoisting it upstairs.

Just take it out of the box, unroll it and put sheets on it. Most online mattress companies allow you to try it for as much as 100 nights, which should be plenty of time to know how you feel about it. Don't worry about getting it back into that box if you decide it's not for you. Most bed in a box companies arrange for a charity to pick it up from you.

2. Luggage

Luggage sets take up a lot of room and most department stores don't have a lot of room to spare. When you see suitcases you like in person, you may be missing out on many other pieces of the set that they just didn't have room to display. On the other hand, when buying luggage online, you will be able to see every piece available from the tiniest makeup case to the biggest rolling piece.

Online prices are often better and you will be able to pick and choose what you actually need. Best of all, you won't have to carry it all home after purchasing it. Trying to maneuver more than one piece of luggage at once can be hard.

3. Technology

By the time that new phone or computer is released, you no doubt already know a lot about it. You've learned what features it has compared to your current model and even its comparative size. Technology items, except for TVs, do not necessarily need to be purchased in person.

Once you've decided what you want, it's easy to compare prices and purchase online. The products will be uniform, so there's nothing essential to look at in a store.

4. Prescriptions

If you have been prescribed a medication and you know you will need to refill it, why not choose to have it delivered to you by mail? Often, you can have 3 month's worth at a time sent to you, which can save you money and will definitely save you trips to the pharmacy.

5. Dog Food

Pet stores are fun if you're shopping for a new fish or hamster. They're also fun places to look at dog costumes, treats and toys.

One thing that is not fun to purchase at the pet store is dog food. Dry dog food bags are measured in pounds, anything from three to thirty-five pounds, to be exact. If the pet store offers a program like one free bag after purchasing ten, it might be worth it to you. However, buying bags of dog food online makes a lot more sense.

There is often a discount for subscribing to autoship. Also, the mail carrier does all of the heavy lifting; you just need to pour it in a bowl.

6. Basic Fashion Items

Standard wardrobe items like sweaters and T-shirts are fine to buy online. This is especially true if you've purchased the brand before and know exactly how the item will fit. Even shoes are now easily purchased and returned via the Internet.

Pre-owned online stores are also something to consider. People send their unwanted clothing to the site where they are washed, photographed and given a price. You can sometimes order whole outfits for the normal price of one item purchased new.

7. Groceries

Browsing in a grocery store can be enjoyable and some people are very picky and like to squeeze their own produce. In general, though, it's fine to order delivery from a local grocery store online. Don't be worried they will deliver substandard goods, since they are striving to make their online customers happy. They will pick the best available items for you.

Carrying bags of groceries around is especially hard for city dwellers who may not have a car, or who live on one of the top floors of their apartment building. This service can easily solve these problems.

8. Trips

The days of visiting a travel agent are gone. With the Internet, everyone has access to all of the special prices that used to be the exclusive domain of travel agents. Now, anyone can book a cruise, compare flight prices or reserve a suite in an exclusive resort on their own.

9. Paper Goods

The kinds of paper goods found in stores are not the best for ecologically-minded people. Normal, everyday paper towels, napkins and bathroom tissue are either made from virgin or recycled paper. More ecologically sound options like bamboo can be found online.

The beauty of that is you won't have to lug around jumbo roll packages anymore, you'll be helping the environment and you can probably find a company with automatic shipping, so you won't even have to go online and order each time you run out.

10. Educational Courses

If you are planning to take a course online, it makes sense to search and sign up online too. There is a huge variety of courses on everything from language to theology and in most cases, you won't even have to apply to a degree program. Individual courses are offered through educational websites and some courses can be finished very quickly.

Save the heavy lifting and higher prices and think about which future purchases you can, and should, make from the comfort of your living room.


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